PM’s Laptop Scheme Was Actually A Ploy to Steal Personal Data: Report

We have retracted this story. Here’s the explanation.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • Dear Aamir,

      PMLN like PTI doesn’t spend much on social media, doesn’t even defend where it can ..easily. Do you think your quoted story has any base other than it is claimed to be coming from a company that broke Facebook story? This is enough for its authenticity ?

      Like seriously dude? How Nawaz Sharif used users’ data, can you put some light on it? Majority of Pakistanis have more than one FB account but how did he influenced public opinion ?

      Lagta ha kisi ny kaan mai kuch kh dia ha Imran Niazi ki tarha…Or you are using Nawaz’s name to promote your blog which is now clearly a bashing platform in favor of PTI.

  • The Holy Prophet Muhammad (S) said: “Backbiting is speaking about your brother what he does not like to be mentioned.” And he added: “Know that if you mention what is actually in him, this is backbiting; and if you mention what is not actually in him, this is a false accusation.”

  • I don’t like or trust Nawaz Shareef, hes crafty and corrupt. But this article seems to be baseless, no evidence. In fact the tone sounds more biased than that of a respected journalist.

    And this website (Propakistani), or the admin at least seems more pro army than pro government.

  • Any proof? Dear Dr Shahid Masood Sahib of IT?

    Sometime do write about the guy who has proven to get funding from Jews. Do read his money trail.
    Sometime try your sources to get funding details of his party submitted to ECP. Press Ctrl-F to find Glodsmith.

    Sometime try which community your favorite guy supported in London Mayor Elections. And what he got in return.

    • Every delay tactic is used by PTI in Election Commission to stop hearing of case of party funding. This case was brought by their own founding member Akbar S.Baber who has inside proof of secret funding of PTI.

      You reminded me of what Hakeem Saeed said about Imran Niazi in his book.

        • Kaka, follow hearing in Election Commission on this case before you comment. If you do not follow this is really not my fault.

          All proofs were handed over in EC by Akbar S. Baber and PTI lawyers only used delay tactics and could not respond to those evidences.

          • Kaki, perhaps try following the case in ECP yourself and also read the SC judgment to know that no “proof” of any wrongdoing has been provided by Akbar S. Babar so far. Not my fault if you rely on hearsay. PTI submitted details of accounts in both SC and ECP. Akbar S. Babar couldn’t prove diddly squat. Providing records of emails and websites as proof usually ends up making you look silly. There is nothing stopping the ECP from deciding the case if actual proof had been provided. Lol.

  • “tweaked operating system” can someone shed more light on this. If this was the case i am sure this can be easily traced by IT experts

    • Windows spies on you anyway. Since Win 10 MS went the android route where the OS is free as long as you let it collect data about you so that it can display targeted ads. So as far as IT experts are concerned using Windows is one big LOL.

      • Windows 10 does not display ads on third party apps. Only on those apps that were installed through their app store.

      • Can anyone share the User-Agent of the per-installed browser in Youth Scheme Laptops. I doubt they will install a dedicated spy-ware just for the sake of identification of a victim, they can achieve same using a custom/altered User-Agent

  • So Umm..!!! What is What? the Cambridge Analytica harvested the Data or the OS CMShubaz was distributing the laptops with? Which ONE Which ONE!!!???? #ConfusedNews

  • Thori sharam ker lein. Article full of “allegedly”, “accused”, “could be”. Dont be a Shahid Masood of online world.

  • bring solid proof instead of speculation so that people can believe. Just don’t blame someone based on speculations.

  • Our people are so silly and gullible that we dont need Cambridge Analytica to manipulate them.

    Anyway, the website you have referenced to, EurAsiaFuture, is registered in Dec 2017 and for just one year.

    The story published by them, is reported, nay fabricated, by one Tayyab Balouch who has no journalistic credentials.

    Disclaimer at the bottom of the story says that all the story over there is personal opinion of writer. Yes, his personal opinion. Perhaps about time that PP starts practicing editorial restraint. Otherwise, it will stand among rest of sheep of Pk media which covered
    the same story in verbatim.

    There is no mention of Prime Minister Laptop Scheme in his story. How did you deduce that sir?

    Most of the students who received laptops, dont even have ID card. They were not voters. Whats the point in influencing them?

    There is no proof of the alleged spying by Cambridge Analytica of Pakistani users. The company would have not dared to mess with Windows kernel or anything part of Windows OS internals. It would have needed support of Microsoft to begin with, or would have risked criminal prosecution and copyright violation etc abroad.

    There is no known spyware, rootkit or tampering of windows bootloader as well as the bios in PM laptops.

    In my opinion, its the work of Cambridge Analytica that everyone is gripped with fear of how involved the company is in our lives. They are successfully propagating no-source stories like you have covered. Every country has started to look for its footprints in their government and citizens. If thats not disruption, what else is ? The power of big data has dawned upon us in one of the most cringe worthy ways – where fact is interlaced with fiction.

    If anything at all, we should be worried about compromised sim ownership data, CDR, and illegal data (not anonymized) collection and retention by telcos.
    And perhaps about Indian ID card system Aadhaar. If their data is leaked, questions about NADRA should be asked before it is too late to address the mess. I am sure at least bankers know their data used to be available in discs for quite some time. That should give a sufficient hint.

  • WTF? The so called “tweaking” is nothing but “PM Nawaz Shareef Laptop Scheme” logo on loading of Windows 8.1 OS and same logo on backside of laptop.

  • People be ready for next generation war “The DATA War” and human mind manipulation.

  • Such baseless and biased articles are threats for this blog. shameful this trend of false accusations is now a days seen everywhere from the story of mashhaal to zainab to this idiot of IT.

  • lol. a new low. please improve your thinking skills and articles quality.

    even if this is true which seems highly unlikely, more than half of the population doesn’t even own a laptop or a smartphone with internet access.

    how would you manipulate masses who don’t have access to technology.

  • After reading this article Cambridge Analytica can be easily termed as mother of all the problems in this world.

    It should be put on top wanted list of CIA. England should ban them for BREXIT and Hillary should sue them for losing the election.

    Pathetic ProPTI Blog :D

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