Chief Justice Calls All Former PIA MDs “Traitors” and Puts Them on ECL [Updated]

The Supreme Court of Pakistan is furious about the losses incurred by the national flag carrier. In this regard, the Chief Justice of Pakistan has ordered to put the names of all former PIA Managing Directors on Exit Control List (ECL) who served the airlines from 2008-2018.

The decision was announced in a suo moto case by the Supreme Court regarding PIA’s privatization. All former MDs were summoned to appear before the court today as well.

The court was informed that the PIA shares are being sold at Rs 5 per share and the airline has leased several planes as well.


Supreme Court Takes Notice of PIA’s Decision to Shut Down Profitable Routes

PIA’s Losses

The Supreme Court demanded a detailed reporting regarding PIA audit and the losses that the airline incurred from PIA’s counsel. The airline’s lawyer submitted the reported highlighting the total losses for the last 9 years. According to the report, PIA has lost Rs 260 billion since 2009. Here is the breakdown of losses for the last five years;

  • 2013: Rs44 billion,
  • 2014: Rs37 billion,
  • 2015: Rs32 billion,
  • 2016: Rs45 billion,
  • 2017: Rs44 billion.


Senate Committee Appeals to Halt PIA’s Privatization

The chief justice remarked on the matter, addressing the former PIA MDs present in the court, saying;

You all destroyed such a large asset. This is an injustice. Those who destroyed PIA are enemies and traitors.

The court summoned the Attorney General as well and directed the government to submit a report on the audit and privatization of PIA.

The present government attempted to privatize the airline, however, the program was put to halt after a protest by PIA employees. The government made a deal with International Monetary Fund to privatize 68 state-owned companies in return for a $6.7 billion IMF package in 2013.

The apex court took notice of the matter and ordered the authorities to stop making any further hiring in the airline.

The court added that a commission is being formed as well that will probe PIA’s privatization and its losses.


Supreme Court earlier announced to put names of former MDs on ECL. However, an update to the previous decision has been issued as the apex court has reversed its decision to put the former PIA officials on exit control list. Names of the former MDs won’t be put on the ECL, however, they will need special permission from the Supreme Court to travel abroad.

  • The real traitors are running the government, these MD’s were just political tools to help destroy national carrier just as it happened with other national assets like Steel Mill etc unless we rid ourselves of real traitors, Pakistan is doomed.

    • Everyone is a traitor except Generals and Judges right? And require certificates from Generals and judges right?

      Ex-CJ Iftikhar Chuadry only in one case (where corruption is not proved till date) gave his judgement cancelling rental power project in PPP govt. After termination of contract by Pakistani SC 2nd party claimed for 1.6 Billion $ compensation against Pakistan and won the claim.

      Yet another claim is in international court against Pakistan for 11.6 billion $, in this case contract was also terminated by Supreme Court of Pakistan during Iftikhar Chaudry’s tenure. Nothing proved in the case till date, SC isn’t hearing this case anymore but Pakistanis were so excited everyday by judgement given by Iftikhar everyday…..just like Baba Rehmatay now.

      • Does my comments says anything about it? Or does Patwari mindset make it appears like it?
        Those who have looted this country are traitors to put it simply and your leader is included in the list of it.
        Does it justify the loss which PIA incurred under two democratic governments as the so called experienced N- gov was running it. Their own business flourishes but national institutions suffers! I wonder why? Maybe you can enlighten us.

        • Sick mindset always blame government and politicians as root cause of all problems.

          Pakistan had 4 dictators, was PIA profitable in Musharraf and Zia era ?
          Don’t people like you get sick of blaming politicians and governments for all problems?

          35 years military ruled Pakistan, question them as well, army is also running successful businesses, question them why institutions like PIA, Pakistan steel were never profitable even in military rule.

          Do you know my “leader” ? No one in Pakistan deserves that title.

          Giving names like patwari shows your street boy mentality, grow up and learn how to argue. If I will give you similar names you won’t like it.

  • Almost 35 years army ruled Pakistan, they should also be questioned why businesses run by army are profitable but PIA, Pakistan steel and railways never were profitable even in military regimes.

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