Hajj Flight Operations to Commence on 14th July

The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has announced that Hajj flight operations will begin on July 14.

The flights for Hajj will take off from all major cities that include Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore, and Sukkhur at the specified timings. The Hajj flights will conclude their operations on 15th August 2018.

According to the estimates, 1550 pilgrims will travel to Saudi from Pakistan on the first and second day of flight operations. The individuals going for pilgrimage under the government can check the status of their flight on the Religious Ministry’s official website here.

The first PIA flight will take off at 2.25 am from Karachi followed by Islamabad’s whose departure time is 7 am. The first flight from Multan will take off on July 15 while July 17 is the date set for Faisalabad’s first flight’s departure.


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The flight operations to bring back pilgrims for Saudi Arabia will start on 20th August until 20th September 2018. The caretaker minister recently visited Madina on 7th July as well. On his visit, he was briefed about how the pilgrims will be managed and facilitated.

The Pilgrims

The Ministry previously told that three designated airlines will take the pilgrims from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia. This includes Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Saudi Airlines, and Air Blue.


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Shaheen Airlines was also included in the list, however its name has been removed as of now. The reason behind this is that Shaheen Airlines failed to provide the flight operations schedule and plan in time.

Hajj Camps

Hajj Camps will be set up for imparting training to pilgrims as well. The ministry has directed all pilgrims to reach the camps two days prior to their departure. Vaccination of the individuals flying for Hajj has already been started.

Passports, air tickets, and identification lockets will be handed over to the pilgrims at Hajj camps as per the announcement.

  • Yeh koi nahi bata raha k jin 35000 logo ka schedule nahi aaya Shaheen air ki waka say un ka schedule kab aaye ga? Na hajj ministry kuch bata rahi hai na kisi news main hai. Bas yehi kahi ja rahy k jald aa jaye ga. O bhai jan ny ka haq to hai na sab ko bata do kya chal raha hai. Kal say calls ker raha ho hajj ministry k numbers per bas jald aa jaye ga yehi pata hai.

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