PTCL Launches 6 Mbps Package with Free iFlix, Smart TV and More

For customers to enjoy seamless connectivity at faster speeds, PTCL has launched 6 Mbps unlimited internet package, which will provide seamless streaming and unlimited downloads.

Customers can now enjoy affordable 6Mbps internet connection at a monthly amount of Rs. 2,100 across Pakistan.

The package termed as PTCL 6 provides ‘Behtareen Internet Ka Mix’, that is, unlimited downloads, free unlimited PTCL to PTCL calls, free Smart TV and Smart TV App, unlimited access to iflix for one year and a free Wi-fi router.

Commenting on the launch, Syed Shahzad Shah, EVP Marketing and Communication, PTCL, said,

This is the first time that PTCL has launched 6Mbps internet package for our customers across Pakistan. PTCL is continuously striving to improve its products and services. Keeping the customers’ increasing bandwidth requirements in mind, 6Mbps internet package is launched, which is a very attractive upgrade opportunity for customers.

Last year, PTCL also launched Network Transformation Project, which is enabling major exchanges in Pakistan, to provide hi-speed internet connectivity to its customers.

Customers can easily avail this package either by calling 1218 or visiting PTCL shops.

    • Wrong…
      Actual Calculation is

      (Package 2100) + (Line Rent 299) + (Sales Tax 410) + (W.H.Tax 350) = (Total 3160)

        • Both wrong actual Calculation is 2100 +Line rent 0+ FED 410 + W.H Tax 313= Total 2823, I am using this package for 1 month and just received bill.

          • Third time is a charm !

            If you don’t mind can you provide details about your experience?

            1. How much was installation? Which model free WiFi router did you get?

            2. Is this a PC based service or it comes with a TV box? How much is this box and any model/Android version etc?

            3. What smart apps and TV service do you have and quality (delay, buffering, channels switching speed etc)?
            Any VoD here, and what content?

            4. Any other impressions, maybe comparisons with Optix, Nayatel and Storm Fiber ?

            I ask this because there is a lot of PR around. Still don’t know how PTCL 100 Mbps fiber service for Rs 5500 pm with “free” router is being deployed.

            Anyone else with details is welcome too.

            • 1. Wifi router are satisfactory for home use. It is equipped with all required technologies.

              2: TV box comes for TV set not for PC
              3: smart apps seems to have limited channels with facility of recorded programs, videos on demands are available with additional price. (Quality is supposed to at least SD, but I hope it ll be HD)
              4. I dont think so I can be compared with Nayatel. My personal experience, I will always prefer Nayatel. (back in 2015, 16 I paid 2400 for 5mpbs uninterruptible Internet with Smart Tv box )

              If you can get 100mpbs on 5500, than why not to get this package. If you have smart TV (webOS, tizen, andorid), just subcribe to IPTV (starting from 10$).

              • Appreciate your reply.

                So this just happens to be a PC deal where do many free IPTV apps are available !

                Well I read about the PTCL 100m fiber 5500 rupee deal but don’t know what’s going on-maybe they now think it was too cheap?

                We used to have tapmad as Pakistani Android app but they seem to have fallen on hard times- Hotstar seems to do good especially if you subscribe.

                Do you know how much an equivalent wifi router costs in the market and any specs/model eg TPLink 8MB flash, 16MB ddr3 RAM, 550 MHz CPU.

                • free IPTV links often changes, you probably don’t have enough time to first search free link, then configure in smart tv and watch. Here in UAE most people buy tv box like Jadoo and MK tv to watch 100s of channels, but IPTV is an option.

                  • Isn’t Jadoo Box expensive? In US/Canada the new v5 is $250/Cdn $250 !

                    What IPTV service for $15pm are you referring to in Pakistan? Do you mean those “global” services like Vader Streams and Stalker TV etc ? In Pakistan online payment is tough- most don’t have credit/debit cards, and many times Pakistani cards are not accepted online !

                    • My friend bough jadoo TV worth 600AED and he is happy with it. Personally I didn’t experience it.

                      for IPTV I got trial from one of subscription. Its quality was good and no buffering. Here is link.

                    • MK TV Box actually comes with android box, but limited by manufacture. I purchased android box in 2015 from thailand. That was I think Qbox. but today you need to consider some basic features like 4k support, HDMI ARC port. In market

                      Xiaomi Mi, QBox and there NVidia TV shield if you like gaming.

                      I have LG smart TV which is enough for basic apps, but android give you more flexiblity

              • Salam. I just checked IPTV website, its 15$ a month. Is it worth it? Any streaming issue in Pakistan?

                • I dont know weather IPTV is legal in Pakistan. You can try trail before availing any package. I have 20mbps connection. and IPTV works fine with Full HD quality. If you have not any issue with streaming then 15$ is acceptable as you can watch more than 500 channels.

                  With little search you can find IPTV free links but these links often changes after 1 or 2 days. so its hassle to search free IPTV.

                  You can watch IPTV links on VLC player

            • Yes Punjab, Chakwal , upload 1Mbps, but you can opt for annex M for free and get 2.2Mbps accordingly reduction in d/n speed 6 to 5mb.

        • agreed but they give my extra i miss that opportunity. 3k may 10 mb. ye sirf selected customers kay leay tha jasay 5mb ye her jga available nahi ha

  • Yes honorable EVP S.S. Shah EVP Marketing states the launch of package. I guess he missed the taxation part which is corrected in the comments. What is the Star rating of QOS, on JD Power for broadband service on the reccomendations of Broadband Commission, ITU, Geneva. I guess the star ratings will exceeding of the ITU, in Pakistan. Sir what is the taxation figure to be paid to the service provider, to which I’m sure you’d have approached the Broadband Commission for taxation waiver. Please state your interaction with the Broadband Commission vis-a-vis PTCL Rs.2000-00 plus taxation inclusive, or has to apply.

  • First why not ptcl low rate these package, I thing itaylaslat is majer problam, so we say goodbye, Second Ptcl Rtd Employees and his pension case, Allah haydat de in ko. Ameeen

    • They have a monopoly of landlines in this country and used that push other DSL providers out of business. Also lower rates don’t get them customers. It’s the marketing that gets you business.

      Of course the cellcos are the only ones that matter now. In a matter of years they got tens of millions access to broadband internet. PTCL is now but a footnote compared to them.

    • They have a monopoly of landlines in this country and used that push other DSL providers out of business. Also lower rates don’t get them customers. It’s the marketing that gets you business.

      Of course the cellcos are the only ones that matter now. In a matter of years they got tens of millions access to broadband internet. PTCL is now but a footnote compared to them.

  • In kamino se yeh to poocho k Upload speed kya hah??? Us mai to yeh company apne khatam honay tak dandi marti rahay gi…

    • 1 Mbps Upload speed with Annex A, and if you opt for Anex M you will get 2.2Mbps with 1 mb decrease in download speed means 6 to 5mb. Annex M only supported on good copper lines with excellent S/N margin or GPON.

  • I just received a promo pakcage for my 1 mb. I will be paying 1 mb cost but the speed will be 3mb till I inform them I dont need it. any comments as PTCL doesnt give out free bandwidth, Meanwhile a cable operator in my area is giving me 2 mb bandwidth for 1000/- (he is uisng nayatel). I am thinking of moving to that and blocking PTCL.

  • Do you think 6mbps on 2400* pkr is little expensive. If I compare this price rate with UAE Etisalat (where prices are already higher than Pakistan), I got 20mbps with free phone/ smartTv (HD and 4K) and smartTV app on 320 AED (10000pkr).

    If you have smart tv you cannot stream 4K/HD contents from IPTV, Netflix, PrimeVideos etc with 6mbps

    • i guess your bill will be the same as 4mb they upgrade the 4mb to 6mb without changing the charges

  • PTCL has a bad track record of poor service and worst maintenance.
    Imagine downstream speed being only 10 % on a 4Mbps package.
    This company will never be able to compete with others.
    The only plus point is the threshold capacity go to customers.
    that’s about it.
    Look at the billing calculations posted.
    Taxes, WH taxes and the final amount Is something that is far from the truth.

  • Can anyone help me,

    I have applied for 6GB Package on 31st August on 1st September its approved and asked for deposit installation which i deposited then i received sms that the following facilities has been provided. But till today i received nothing, received 4 calls form PTCL for confirmation, I told them all the story again and again but nothing happens. Tell me what to do.

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