These Are the Top 10 Fastest Smartphones According to AnTuTu

With the launch of PUBG Mobile and Fortnite on Android, it is quite possible that gaming is one of the things you’ll consider the next time you’re on the market for a new phone. Thankfully, AnTuTu, the popular benchmarking tool is here to tell you which gaming phones you should consider most.

Even if you’re not looking for a gaming phone, the list serves as a way to gauge the best smartphones in the world in terms of performance.

The AnTuTu benchmark calculates the overall performance of phones by scoring them on an equal scale. The higher overall score it gets, the better the phone performs, at least in theory.

As you’d expect, the list is dominated by phones running one of Qualcomm’s higher-end chipsets, the Snapdragon 845, so it doesn’t matter which device you buy, as long as it is among those listed.

The Top 10

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The list is topped by Xiaomi’s gaming-focused Black Shark handset, achieving an impressive score of 292887, closely followed by Meizu 16 Plus. That is accompanied by a China-only phone, the Nut R1.

The rest are slightly behind, with Vivo’s NEX (most popular for its pop-up camera), followed by Mi 8 Explorer, and Oppo Find X (another camera-slider).

The OnePlus 6 is next in line, with the Galaxy Note 9 completing the top 8. It is worth noting that the top 8 are separated by only 10,000 points such is the level of competitiveness here.

A bit further down is the Mi 8, which is the non-Explorer edition, with the Mi Mix 2S completing the top 10. Both are roughly 10K below the rest of the pack, at least.

Asus’ ROG gaming phone and the Razer Phone were nowhere, on the top 10 at least.

Scoring Criteria

The final score earned on AnTuTu depends on a number of hardware aspects, such as the RAM, CPU, GPU, as well as the user experience, hence, while the CPU/GPU remains the same, one of the remaining aspects could be behind the lower scores of the latter phones.

The everyday user will hardly notice it, however. It might be worth noting that no matter how much hardware you cram into a phone, it’s only as good as its optimization. Apple’s ecosystem is a good example here.

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