Lenovo is Making a Foldable Tablet with LG

Lenovo is reportedly working on a foldable tablet, and not a foldable smartphone, in collaboration with LG for the display.

A foldable tablet seems more useful and might actually work, mainly because it’s easier to fold a larger screen than a compact smartphone-sized device.

According to a report, Lenovo is going to use OLED panels made by LG in a 13-inch tablet. LG has already launched a foldable display TV, it’s likely to use a similar technology for tablets.


LG Officially Confirms Plans for a Foldable Phone

The report says that the panel will be able to “fold in half”, without breaking or affecting usability. Additionally, Lenovo has signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with LG, meaning that the company won’t be able to disclose any details related to their upcoming device until it gets launched.

The foldable tablets are expected to be launched somewhere in the second half of 2019.

Foldable Phones – Future of Smart Devices?

This is not the first foldable phone rumor that has surfaced on the web. A number of well-known brands, including Samsung and Huawei are already working on such devices.


Take Your First Look at Lenovo’s Foldable Smartphone [Video]

Apparently, the idea of a foldable phone or tablet is to “replace laptops”, according to Huawei officials at least. People will be able to switch between a smaller and bigger display so they can watch full-screen content without having to switch to a laptop or even a tablet.

For now, current designs and concepts suggest that the smartphone-sized iterations will look and work like a book – the screen will be able to fold, and become compact without breaking. It’s a cool concept, but it might take time before an actual working model hits the markets.

Via ETNews