Govt is Planning to Privatize 62 Public Companies

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s administration, it has been learnt, will present 62 Public Sector Enterprises (PSE) up for privatization. As part of the privatization process, the Federal Government has informed the heads of these PSEs to send information to the cabinet division as part of the new privatization program.


ProPakistani has obtained the letter and list of companies that the government has decided to privatize. The letter was written by Privatization Commission to all ministries and division to provide details of PSE working under the ministry.

In the list, there are 6 PSEs under Finance Division, 4 are under Commerce, 8 under Petroleum, 13 are under Power, 3 under Aviation, 13 under Industries and Production, 3 under Maritime Affairs, 2 under IT and Telecommunication. These companies have been asked to submit their privatization proposals.

National Highway Authority, Pakistan Railways and its facilities, the National Book Foundation, Convention Center Islamabad, Services International Hotel, Printing Corporation have also been included in the list of entities that will be privatized.

Privatization Commission asked the PSEs to provide details regarding their employees (permanent, contractual, Daily Wages) operating expenses (salary and non-salary), Audited Accounts, Net valuation of Assets, etc.

Informed sources say that Prime Minister’s delegation will present these PSEs during their discussion with different delegations that are part of the Conference at Saudi Arabia, which is currently in progress.




  • Why profit earning companies like OGDC, Statelife, Civil Aviation, HEC etc are being privatized?
    They are Gems. Govt should not sell Hens that are laying golden eggs

  • I was wondering if those all why not PTCL? Im tired of their service, i”ve to register complaint every third day.

    • PTCL is main channel of communication. This is the only gateway for Pakistan, which is used to Govt and military. Therefore PTCL will be never fully privatize. They can improve consumer end, if and I am not wrong it is already taken by Etisalat

  • privatization can simply reduce the size of government. Fewer government workers and fewer people supporting a larger role for government means less of a drain on the nation’s budget and overall economic efficiency.

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