Volkswagen Is Coming to Pakistan

Volkswagen has finally announced their entry in the Pakistani market, after months of speculation in the local automotive industry.

The news first made headlines during the weekend that the German automaker Volkswagen has signed the final legal agreement with their local partner Pakistan Premier Motors Ltd (PML). The agreement stipulates that Premier Motors will be setting up a production plant to assemble CKD units in Karachi under license from Volkswagen.

The news comes as a huge breakthrough for the country’s auto sector as Volkswagen is considered one of the world’s largest automobile companies globally.

It should be noted that the two companies first signed a letter of intent (LOI) back in June 2017. Since then, there has been hype in the sector about German automaker’s arrival. After a wait of more than a year, the German company has finally decided to bring investment and its products to Pakistan.

This development is expected to contribute to the country’s economy and spur more competition in the auto industry. Consumers will also have more choices than ever when it comes to which car brand they should go for.

The Commercial Section, Berlin, has been actively engaged with the VW and PML for the last two years.

    • Have you seen their Truck and Wagon which is getting launched? Its VW Type 6 Microbus a direct competitor of Toyota Van and VW Amarok a direct competitor to Toyota Hilux Revo. Both cars have more features and are more reliable then Japanese cars.

      • These Japanese cars are more reliable and have latest features even in India but not in a country full of sheeples. So they might give you a surprise as well and don’t keep your hopes high, it’s Pakistan’s fault Japanese cars are not reliable.

    • How illiterate are you? FYI, Volkswagen owns Audi, Seat S.A., Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti,
      Lamborghini, Porsche, Ducati, Scania and Man. Most Pakistani people
      cannot even afford the budget VWs.

      • abay yeh woh log hain jo molvi kahe tu mardain ge car, ghar jala dain ge phir illiterate ka ilzam nahi lagana chahiye laqb dena chahiye in azeeeeeem logon ko

      • If you know something that doesn’t mean everyone has to know as well and if you want to tell something just do it and there is no need to humiliate anyone.

      • wow! How rude are you? I own a VW here in Gulf and know that it comes at almost half the price comparing to other German Brands specially Audi and BMW. Just FYI, Infinity is the luxury brand of Nissan but comes at almost double the price tag as compared to Nissan. So Mr literate hope that suffices your well mannered query?

        • I never said VW is a luxury brand abroad. In countries like UK and US, even Mercedes cars can cost below a 1000 bucks. So by international standards VW is a budget brand that still has better quality than most manufacturers in Pakistan. It is by no means a small brand like the guy implied though, and that’s what I was addressing. As for this statement:

          “I own a VW here in Gulf”

          Hurray? Good on you? Nobody asked and nobody cares.

          • Actually you said I was illustrate because i said “VW is common man BMW”. So i was trying to convince Mr literate that this is not the case, Owning one car is one form of literacy about that car. Hence i mentioned my car captain stupid.
            “Hurray? Good on you? Nobody asked and nobody cares.”
            2 minute silence!

            • So if I own a Tesla I become automatically literate about the satellites they’re launching and their Mars mission? Because screw logic right? Like I said, nobody cares which car you own. Just because you own a VW doesn’t mean you’re suddenly a VW connoisseur.

              I own art supplies and can draw fairly well, doesn’t mean I’m qualified to criticize Mona Lisa and other works of Da Vinci.

  • I can not buy a car tax and price is too high, there should be a budget cars jo k is failed country main nahi hosakti, yeh tabeeeli tabdeeli sab bakwas hay next 50 saal tak tum log taraki nahi karsakte, bheek ke naaam pe project banate ho, khaaa gaye sab is mulk ko.

    • Obviously aik chutki mai ya kisi aik bande k aane se tabdeeli nahi aati. Kisi bhi muilk ko tarakiyaafta hone k liye sadiyaan (centuries) lag jaati hain…. Haan aap yeh zaroor keh sakte ho k itne saalo mai pehli baar hum kisi seedhe raaste pe chale hain thanks to Imran Khan.

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