Germany Is Offering 3 Million Jobs to Pakistanis

German foreign ministry has written a letter to Pakistan asking to develop a plan to provide skilled labor for the country.

As per details, a German news agency Katholische Nachrichten-Agentur (KNA) has reported citing Spegiel Online that the German foreign office’s Europe Wing has written a letter to the Pakistani foreign mission requesting it for the provision of skilled labor.

The letter specifically mentions the fields for which they expect labor for.

The report claims that the European country has demanded 3 million skilled workers from Pakistan, including IT experts and engineers.


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According to KNA, the letter was sent on October 26 this year, and it mentioned that all the workers would be facilitated to enter Germany via proper legal work.

It is worth mentioning here that the largest European economy is facing a shortage of young people who are willing to commit to on-the-job training for up 3 or more years. This has become a concern for managers in Europe’s largest economy.

To cope with the problem, The German cabinet has decided to ease down the laws to let skilled labor from outside Europe to come into Germany and help alleviate the chronic labor shortage.

Via: Dunya

    • The answer is very simple! They will have to create the jobs or let the people make their decision whoever is interested in leaving Pakistan for good!

  • Aur ye jobs jahan hain aur apply karne ka tareeqa kia hai? Kaheen jobs “cloud” main to naheen?

  • I believe that The skill level Germans are looking for, few hundred pakistani will be eligible for that, and that pakistanis are already employed in Govt and Pvt sector.
    It ll be huge Brain Drain and Pakistani nation ll lose good workers.
    Germans will take all flowers.

  • Aisa kuch nahi hay bhai. This is fake news. I live in Europe and I can tell that this is fake news!

  • 3 millions… did u read properly “3 MILLIONS”… it’s a joke or a scam. you to chose

  • Merkel is on the way out. Muslim immigrants are extremely unpopular among all European natives now. Stay in your own country and try to develop it.

  • “IT experts and engineers”.
    This is brain robbery. Pakistan educates them and Germany gets them free

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