Bill Gates Informs Imran Khan About His Intentions to Invest in Pakistan

Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, has written a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan and expressed his intentions and interest in investing in the Information Technology Sector of Pakistan.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s president called the prime minister on Tuesday and sent over the letter via a messenger.

The letter stated that his company wants to explore investment opportunities in Pakistan’s IT Sector. World Health Organization (WHO) Chief was also present at the occasion.


PM Imran & Bill Gates Discuss Investment Opportunities and Technology Transfer

Gates also applauded PM Khan’s efforts in the fight to eradicate polio from the country.

The letter also mentions that the Gates foundation also intends to invest in the health sector.

Gates had also spoken to the premier on phone in early December and had shown his willingness to work together in future.

PM Khan had invited him to explore investment opportunities in Pakistan.

  • We’ve
    been stealing his company’s software for years yet he gives us so much
    in charity. Someone needs to talk some sense into. Pakistanis are not
    people you should help. Even the funds he spends on polio eradication
    effort are being embezzled by corrupt people:

    dawn dot com/news/1454579/anomaly-detected-in-polio-vaccination-data

  • After his investment, we might be forced to purchase his software instead of pirating it

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