Top Indian Firm Acquires PSL Production Rights For $5.1m

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), after winning the legal case against Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), remains content not to improve the ties due to political reasons.

Despite such aggressive stance, Indian production companies are chasing Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to secure the TV rights for Pakistan Super League’s (PSL) fourth edition.

Last season, DSports acquired the broadcasting rights and broadcasted all 34 matches live. This year, more companies have shown interest in attaining the rights.

According to the latest reports, PCB has confirmed that IMGReliance has officially acquired the production rights worth $5.1 million.

IMGReliance is India’s largest company; a joint venture between Reliance Industries and IMG aimed to promote and develop sports, entertainment, and fashion within the country. Moreover, Reliance Industries Limited is a Fortune 500 company and the largest private sector corporation in India.

The other company which PCB gave rights to, Techfront, short for Technology Frontiers, is a Singapore entity and is one of world’s largest sports technology and management company “providing solutions, sponsorship management and premier consulting service to leading global sports bodies.” The company has acquired rights to broadcast PSL in India.

It is worth mentioning that Techfront’s most prominent partners include cricket boards of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Ireland, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. They were also the official partners for ICC World Cup 2015, Champions League Twenty 20.

Techfront is also partners with ICC and IPL. Apart from cricket, the organization is also partners with various leaders in Football, Rugby, Formula 1, Tennis, Golf and Hockey.

MS Muralidharan, Managing Director of Techfront, said in a recent press publication:

We have been involved with PSL since its very first season in various capacities. We are glad to have procured the global broadcast and live-streaming rights for HBL PSL from 2019 to 2021.

This, indeed, is a huge moment of success for Pakistan as the world’s most reputed firms have taken on the task to attain the rights for the latest PSL’s edition.

This will not only help increase the viewership of the league but also increase the revenues and help international cricket return in Pakistan.

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  • This may seem positive. But if they get even a toe hold of things, probably PSL will have to dance to the tune of Indians. When money is involved, business interests will be paramount than anything. PSL committee should have insisted on a Pakistani venture to be included before granting the rights. As of now, this seems to be a positive news. In the long run, deals have to be awarded with forethoughts.

    • I’d say that it is a cynical way of viewing things. These deals do not involve many gray areas hence it is safe to assume that there are more positives involved than otherwise.

  • Good, hopefully we can watch the psl in UK in HD and not crappy SD as the pkaistani tv channels in UK were showing it in

  • India always uses Cricket game on political gains, Pakistan should not rely on Indian Companies for PSL;

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