Video of Indian Man Impressed by Lahore-Islamabad Motorway Goes Viral

The Motorway has made lives easier for Pakistanis traveling to different cities across the country. Even then, most of our countrymen can be seen complaining about different issues regarding motorways. As they say:

گھر کی مرغی دال برابر

The same is true for the motorway, however, an Indian national Arvind Saharan touring Pakistan recently made a video in which he was all praise for the facilities provided to the passengers on the motorway.

The video has been making rounds on different social media platforms in which the tourist talks about how he feels like he is in a foreign country.

From proper parking to the different options for dining, bus stops, bathrooms and whatnot, the Indian national lauds the environment offered to the travelers along the motorways.

Arvind talks about how he felt like he was in India until he made a stop at a services area along Lahore-Islamabad motorway where he was amazed at the quality of services offered. He further appreciated the work of all those involved in planning facilities such as these along the motorways.

‘Well done Pakistan. One must laud the good work and show it to the world. I’m glad to have visited Pakistan’, Arvind signs off with all smiles.

Via Pakistan Today

Feature Writer

  • Our nation’s obsession with Indians is too immature. Do we need an appreciation for something basic. Agreed that this is something we have to be proud of inspite of all the things (read corruption). But, we should expect these facilities from our government. We should demand these. These are not a luxury but a necessity.

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