Dr. Umar Saif Joins Jang Media Group as Chief Digital Officer

Dr Umar Saif, the former Chairman of Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and Advisor to the Chief Minister of Punjab, has been appointed as the new Chief Digital Officer of Jang Media Group.

He will head the digital departments of both, Jang daily newspaper and Geo News Urdu Television Network.

A journalist from Geo News has confirmed the news and welcomed Umar Saif to the company.

Talat Aslam, the senior editor of The News, also retweeted this announcement on Twitter.

While the information hasn’t been confirmed by Dr. Umar Saif himself, he has hinted towards the appointment with a tweet.

Winner of Sitara-e-Imtiaz Award, Dr. Saif has also served as the Vice Chancellor of Information Technology University.

In April 2018, he was appointed as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Chair for employing Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICTD).

He is also the founder of Plan9, Pakistan’s largest startup incubator and is often credited as one of the main forces behind the IT ecosystem in Pakistan.

  • شکر ہے اس کی نوکری لگی۔ ورنہ اپنی تعریفوں کے ٹویٹس کر کر کے مر جانا تھا اس نے۔

  • Ha ha ha ! Let’s see what digital revolution he unleashes this time at the other Panama Group., without public money.

    Reminds of a hero who got a UK degree ( no problem in 3 years after a bachelor’s given their wonderful education state after losing empire), then filched his way to MIT as lab assistant ( aka post doc) unable to find a job in gora sahib’s lands. But what luck- dad was security for the PMs tweeter. You might know the rest. As “professor”, couldn’t author a single peer publication. Or a single successful tech venture.

    And no accountability yet for 7 years of public looting- except for that FBR inquiry into ITU. A media job would certainly help scream at these “injustices.” All PR.

    As they say: bs talks, bs walks.

    • which traitor? mind your language. The present political ecosystem has degraded the young minds so much that the words such as rape, killings, traitors, murder hold no meaning for them and they can apply on anyone as they wish. SMH!

  • Best (self) PR pro in the nation. Has done an Okay job but due to terrible performance of his government peers, his average initiatives in a dark place and his great PR chops, he’s gotten a lot of attention. Although, I hope this government and any in the future do at least as much as this guy did, basically be mediocre, learn his PR skills and we as a nation would be in a ten times better place and projected internationally than we are today. So for that I do applaud the guy. Well done!

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