Govt Hasn’t Stopped PayPal from Entering Pakistan: Asad Umar

The Finance Minister of Pakistan, Asad Umar, has confirmed that the government has not stopped PayPal from entering into the Pakistani market.

While addressing a press conference, Umar claimed that no department in Pakistan has halted the launch of PayPal in the country.

PayPal is not stopped on my desk, the State Bank or in any other government institution. We are chasing PayPal.

The Finance Minister claimed that he is well aware that PayPal presents a great opportunity for Pakistan and it is an excellent source of income for local youngsters who work from home. “They face immense difficulties without PayPal or any effective online payment system,” said Asad Umar.

He further added:

I have taken the initiative myself and sent a message to PayPal CEO that this was important and I was willing to fly to America to hold a meeting.

Lastly, Asad talked about AliPay which is a part of Alibaba. He said that its subsidiary, Ant Financial, has bought majority stakes in Telenor Bank which should be helpful in improving the digital banking market in Pakistan.

    • Terrorists actually. For Paypal Pakistan is more trouble than its worth. There is massive risk of money laundering and terrorist financing. So that’s why they don’t offer their services here.

      Of course the government does breed these terrorists as part of its foreign policy so you could say they are responsible.

    • You are right. Also, Paypal is gonna give rise to more fraudulent cases originating from Pakistan. We as a nation don’t deserve it

  • Bitcoin has been stopped though. They are shamelessly chasing paypal which doesn’t care about offering its services in Pakistan. Meanwhile the cryptocurrencies that do work are banned.

  • PayPal took My 2.7k$ because of limitation..they don’t want to come because Pakistani’s still creating PayPal accounts and they took that money after some months in the shape of limitation..they said that problem is from state bank they don’t allow us to withdraw money after you lose the dispute case

  • پے پال نہیں آئے گی، کیونکہ پاکستان کی معیشت بہتر ہو گی جو امریکن نہیں چاہتے، اسی طرح علی پے بھی پوری تیاری کے ساتھ آئے گی تا کہ چائنہ و انڈونیشیا و تھائی لینڈ کو نقصان نہ ہو

  • یہ کیسی دوستی ہے کہ علی پے امریکہ و یورپ میں تو کئی سال پہلے لانچ کر دی گئی مگر پاکستان میں اب تک لانچ نہیں کی سروس

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