Govt is Planning to Eliminate O & A Level Education in the Future

The Federal government is planning to eliminate the Ordinary Level (O-Level) and Advanced Level (A-Level) education from the schools. The decision under consideration is in line with the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) government’s vision to implement a uniform curriculum across the country.

Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mahmood made these remarks while briefing a National Assembly’s Standing Committee on education.

He said the plan was not under consideration for immediate implementation as, at present, there were many other more important issues that need to be resolved.

“As current education system has many other flaws, those direly needed to be mended due to which said the plan would be practiced on next level, but it will be done ultimately,” he added.

The minister lamented that there were three education systems in the country’s education system – public sector institutions, in elite private schools and madrassas, all three entirely different from each other.

He said a technical committee is looking into the matter, which, after consulting every stakeholder, will formulate a comprehensive policy in this regard.

Mahmood informed the legislators that the ministry was working on a compatible curriculum that will soon be introduced.

The minister said, currently, 24 million children were out of schools and the government was entirely focused on bringing all of them to schools.

“It is a gigantic task, but we’re determined to do it,” he maintained.

Via: Daily Times

  • This should definitely be implemented. Average middle-class parents can never afford O/A levels education. Everybody should get an equal chance to succeed in life. When elite kids get a superior education, normal kids can’t compete with them. Thus, class inequality grows. I think there are other superior models, like Singaporean or Norwegian, available that could work for everybody.

    • bhai to aap na parhao na. equal chance ka matlab ye nahi kay apki apni achhi job chhor do kiun kay aik guter saaf karnay wala apnay bacho ko nahi parha sakta. gari bhi bund karvao kiun kay baki wala gari afford nahi kar sakta. saaf pani bhi bund karo.

      • “I think there are other superior models, like Singaporean or Norwegian, available that could work for everybody.”

        Read his comment, there are better alternative available. At least, as Ahmad said, we should try to give equal chance to everyone.

    • Except our current matric and intermediate curriculum isn’t fit for 18th century. Let alone 2019. Schools should have grades until 12 and these boards should be eliminated.

  • I think eliminating O and A Level would be a terrible idea. Why not invest more in public education such that our Matric and FSc comes on par with O/A Level and people themselves choose to study in public schools. Once our Public School education is on par with stringent international standards, we can talk about eliminating O/A levels.

    • No man that is not how they think. They want to eliminate the competition. Pretend it doesn’t exist. It is inline with the isolationist policies they are taking in other spheres as well.

    • Equal opportunities does not mean you reducing standards to match lowest. This should be done in a way to match O and A levels at public and government schools. Its no doubt a terrible idea and terrible approach to bring equality in education system this way.

  • Unless they introduce a new syllabus pattern for matric , there would be no benefit in teaching this ratta system

  • Private schools thrive when public sector schools fail. Eliminating international standard schooling from Pakistan is not a solution. No one in any Govt. Was or is sincere about education system, it never was or never will be a priority for the policy makers.

  • I strongly disagree with the government due to various reasons

    I want to state that what will happen to those children who want do o levels you cant just come in and rip off there dream and what will happen to those who are in o level moments later this order pass this will cause destruction in our education system matric or whatever is it call it is an old form of education no offense but I am trying to say we should upgrade our education rather than downgrade there are various problems in both government sector and private sector the government should focus on them and found solution to these problems they should not in any way eliminate o and a level it will be stupid no offense

  • Pls it is important to make proper papers checking system in natriculation and inter board system.

  • Wow our education system is pathetic so lets eliminate the competition! Only GoP could think on these lines!

  • I think O’level and A’ level is best for our new generation ..
    Because our PTB board syllabus is totally based on craming student just learn it from their mind not from heart ..
    This is good decision to promote higher studies,I hope due to this sort of new ideas our country will groom up fastly ….

  • Long time ago I did O levels and then FSc. After studying concept based O level education I used to hate FSc’s rata system. Still hate my FSc years after more than twenty five years.

    • Maybe they would first bring both, o levels and board, to the same standard and then eliminate it from Pakistan?

  • being an educator and a mother I believe that it is very important to improve the existing secondary and intermediate borad’s curriculum before changing O levels as it very outdated…the examination system is also very weak.
    I will give my immense suoport to the idea if of developong a new comprehensive syllabus which may include all tbe positives of all the ststems.

  • I think its just nonsense to talk about elimination of O & A Levels from Pakistan. Government should enhance the level of matric and inter and hire capable teachers who could teach effectively.
    Quota system should be abolished in hiring teachers. Good and intelligent teachers will make students quality leaders and experts in their respective fields.

  • It’s not impossible AKUED is one of the best education systems in Pakistan it can be implemented across the board and training can be provided easily as the system is already in place.Saying that teachers should be encouraged with a sustainable and marked salary to teach in rural areas where the literacy rate is low to bridge the gap.
    At least we now have a government who is focused on education across Pakistan.

  • The students studing in expensive school feel themselves superior and hate the children studing in school which have no representation at all. Children studing O and A Level consider themselves as of a inferior race and studing in Matric is considered as an imsult. I myself is a student of O Level but i am in a complete favour that these international studies should be removed from Pakistan in order to prove equality among all students and so that people with a lack of money do not feel themselves as unlucky. The policy should be implemented as soon as possible.

    • First you need to improve your English as there are so grammar mistakes which doesn’t actually prove that you are a student of O levels. Thereby on the other side providing quality education should be the top priority of the government, the education system we have is the worst or one may say is a disaster which has not been improved or further extended for years. O and A levels particularly the Cambridge system has allowed us to gain top quality education and those complaining that not everyone can afford so I’d like to advise them that make yourself competent and avail a scholarship for that and do it then, instead of complaining.

      • Tashfain, according to me, you were absolutely right when you said that providing quality education should be the top priority of the government, the education system we have is the worst or one may say is a disaster which has not been improved or further extended for years and it should be improved. But i thing you were completely wrong when you said that those who cannot afford should be competent and avail a scholarship, i think you were completely wrong. Just consider that you are studing in a cheaper school and your relatives are studing in an expensive school and are going to chose O Levels. You also want to join it but cannot afford. Do you think that you would be able to earn scholarship. Do you think that an expensive school will give scholarship to a student of a cheap school on the basis of his/her 8th class result. None of the school in Pakistan provides scholarship to a student who comes from another school on the basis of his class 8 result. So tell me that how would you join O Levels then. And if there will be only Matric, you do not have to suffer. You do not have to change your school and will be able to compete your family members who although are studing in an expensive school but studing the same Matric as you are.

    • Currently I am studying O levels and I dont think thats the case. It is just the complex minded elite class which hates the middle or lower class, it has nothing to do with the O’L or A’L. Cambridge board is not just an invention of 21st century but it traces back to MAO college that was setup by Sir Syed.
      I think this is a terrible idea because only Cambridge board is capable of enhancing one’s mind due to the fact that it is the only relevant board in Pakistan. I have studied in Sindh Board for 2 months, and those were the worst months of my life relating to my studies.
      So u see, it is not about the board because even in the Sindh Board there are many students who belong to elite class.
      Moreover, I think if they are gonna eliminate this board so they should also put a ban on all of the private schools.

  • Sounds amazing. It should be something light and progressive. Pak studies and Islamiat also need to be eliminated, unless a completely new syllabus is created that makes sense and is easy to learn.
    The new government should change the old bureaucracy operating at every level because they don’t get anything done. There’s more talk and less actions at every level.

    • I don’t agree with removing O and A level, but honestly, yes they need to remove Islamiat and Pak Studies, at least at the FSC age. They become irrelevant. And Islamiat shouldn’t be forced down their throats at University level either.

  • how to define this situation ?
    “doob maro” ya “jal maro”
    On one side our board system is basically a ratta system where checking system is just R.I.P.
    On the other side those students who can afford quality education are paying tons of money for it so they can go aboard and study in top universities.
    i suggest before eliminating O/A levels, please improve the 3rd class education quality to first class.

  • Waiting for another U-Turn!

    REMEMBER:- U-Turn is a sign of Great Leaders – ” Imran Khan “

  • Before eliminating this conceptual system, the national systems of education should be improved.

  • Pakistan is in desperate need for a kind of education system which should address the moral social and economic requirements of individuals and nation as a whole. It can be an amalgamation of best systems offered allover the world. Governmental concerns are hopefully a positive sign. Organised and sincere efforts would never be wasted. Another challenge for the government. Good luck


  • The Ratta system i.e., Matric system should be eliminated intead of O&A levels. There should be a uniform education system throughout Pakistan and O&A levels should be implemented all across Pakistan. Studying Urdu is sick. I wanna get rod of it.

  • I don’t understand why the Government wants to deprive affoarding class of good quality education. The government needs to improve the standard of their own system rather than abolishing an excellent stream of education. Private schools exist in every country,even in USA and UK, for those who are ready to pay. Just because the Government, can’t upgrade and maintain their own standards of education system, it wants to finish the competition. Pathetic approach. Question for these High Government officials:where their own kids are studying?Are they ready to shift their kids from O Level Stream to Matric stream.?They should set an example first of all. Our own prime minister was educated in UK and he is proud of that. We are proud of that as well. This is just a political slogan. Actually the government needs to set its own house in order rather than finishing the competition.

  • Yes they should do that fuck the education system more than they have already done after them targeting schools for fees!!!
    Stupid govt

  • Good decision, should be implemented as soon as possible.
    yes, implement a uniform educational environment across the country.

  • Ghareebo K Liye Metric Amaeeero K Liye O&A Level :
    Should be same Or Should be eliminated :

  • As someone else said rather than removing O A levels from Pakistan, the government should focus on providing the children with quality education where children enjoy what they are studying and not just cramming stuff just so they pass their exams and essentially learn nothing. They should understand the content they are studying rather than storing it in their brains for their exams and then forgetting all about it the next year and learning nothing. In my opinion this is the major difference in Matric/Fsc and O/A levels. The ratta system cannot be used in O/A levels while in matric/fsc you cannot survive without it. Other than that the content of both the streams is more or less same with the only difference being that at least in O level you have more content to go through than in Matric while in Matric the content is more difficult, specifically for maths. All this fight about which stream is better or which stream should be removed aside, I really think the government should try and encourage other subjects besides your conventional subjects just so the coming generation know they won’t be restrained by the subjects that were available or if available were discouraged by their parents as having no value while in foreign countries those said subjects are given utmost value and respect. Just saying if more subjects were properly encouraged in schools and colleges , no one would have to study or go into a field they have zero interest in.
    (P.S I studied O levels and my sister studied Matric so this whole debate is a common thing in our house//The only thing we agree on is that both streams have their pros and cons)

  • A uniform curriculum would be beneficial but seeing the current Pakistani education (Metric/FSc) ,it is sub par. I myself am almost done with my A levels and i think it is of a higher standard ,to which the new system should compare or resemble if this country is to move forward. We need a curriculum that is recognized internationally because the bar is set too low currently.

  • What. Seriously. They should first improve their own education system and then plan to eliminate other boards. In my opinion Federal Board has far better curriculum then the sindh board and other boards; it is also very similar to Cambridge curriculum though the examination pattern has to be more conceptual. Federal board should be the only educational body of Pakistan. Then there is the matter of Higher education.. Only private universities are equipped with modern facilities while the government ones are still lacking in basic features due to scarcity of funds. Then again there is no standards of the teachers appointed. Only 20% of the teachers are honest and passionate about their profession; rest of them are just there to enjoy the benefits of a government job. There is not even one proper research center with all the modern technology so boost any scientific research work.
    There is also this perception that art and literature is the last option for students. This thought is the reason for the downfall of this country. Everyone is just running blindly after science subjects. I mean without the depth of thinking and height of imagination how can a person be inventive and think outside the box. Art, history literature is what inculcates in us a sense to imagine the almost unattainable things.
    In democracy only those who are highly exceptional make it to the highest tier. If we have these sort of peope amongst us then it is their right to avail the best from the rest. Those who are capable of securing good grades should be allowed to choose any board they want rather then everyone who can afford it. Money should not be the way out, merit should be.

    • I think the idea of eliminating o & A lvl is very good. The most of the fee & exam shares are being sent abroad in $, so it would save foreign exchange. The curriculum be made homogeneous for all schools by improving matriculation system. Govt needs to improve the govt schools standards by improving teacher training. 2 tiers be started I.e. short & long terms so that the cambridge system can be eliminated. Big cheers for the idea if implemented with thorough planning please.

  • Its a good decision but the dire need is to improve or upgrade the existing education system, for this professional or qualified Trained teachers r required. Our Education system is disrupted dew to lack of Teacher’s Training.

  • First of all eliminate the ghesa pita (rough) study level from Pakistan. Then implement the govt equal study plan. Don’t first eleminate the progressive study levels as O level or A level. You have to introduce these levels in other schools for standard education.

  • It may be a good decision but what about those students who are like in the first year of A levels like I am, or may be in 2nd last year of O levels. Because they just cannot switch over to inter in second year or to matric. Apart from that government must first upgrade the standards of matric system then eliminate other boards if they really want like the syllabus should contain those stuff that make the students gain information from it and like it should not be so huge and mostly full of useless things which have no use in future and also in practical life that they have to do Rattafication to remember each and everything. In my opinion O & A levels provide quality education, since there is option of commerce as well unlike matric and so many fields are opened for you once you do A levels unlike inter, so instead of removing this board they should lower the fees of all the coaching institutes and of school so that all can afford it. I am not against matric and inter but if Pakistan wants to be on the same phase as other countries then they should not remove it. And their first concern should be to provide education to those children which are working hard to earn money instead of going to school.

  • Wel jab mulk ka educational system sahi hojaega tu ye dalleele pesh karni Chai.jis din asal maana mein sahi hogaya us din bache pe ye decision chode Dena Chai k ab wo Kia chatha Hai na k zabardasthi unpe baaki taleem ban karni Chai. abhi ye baatein koi maayni nahi rakthi jab humara educational system hi itna gir chuka Hai k bache sucied, depression k shikarr hogaye,ore humaare teachers jo apni personal dushmani bache k future ko karab karke nikalthe Hai unke viva ko fail karke unke saal zaaya Hai humara so cal educational system shafakath saab.phele gire hue ko khada karna tu sika du phir chalna sikhana.khabi khabi waada karne alaawa prove karna bhi seek lo.humaare mulk mein tode bhoth bache jo achi taleem hasil karahe hain wo khushi bhi chhen Lena chaate hain apppp.

  • The government should focus on eradicating the old and biased system of rote learning because of this system students just memorize the study materials for a short span of time after that they forget each and everything. They donot hain any knowledge which is the main purpose of getting education. This whole metric and fsc system is just based of rote memorization by which our country can never progress. Rather than this rote learning we should promote concept based learning. We should concentrate on whether the students have any understanding or concept of that particular topic or not or if he/she can solve the application based questions or can think analytically and critically. We should improve our education system if we want to progress rather than just making education a business.

  • I’m not in favour of this. I currently am an o level student. The matriculation system promotes and praises work that is rote learnt where as in I levels they give u th concept and background information. This is favourable for me since I cannot learn thing or by heart it is too difficult for me. I’m our o level exam we are required to understand and then deliver and not to copy down every word in the book. So dear prime minister instead of removing other boards improve the local one. Removing competition from the race is is not gonna make u win.

    Everyone needs a competitor, you are not working on improving the matric system. Just have a look WHY the o level system is better. Yes, it is expensive paying around a million rupees to sit for 5 exams is insane. Completely and utterly ridiculous. Even though Alhamdulillah I come from a very well off family I know how hard it is to earn money i know that paying such a high amount is stupid, but the only reason we are willing to pay is they give each an every one of the students a fair ground. Someone who works hard for their grades gets them. Those who don’t , no matter in what way they try to bribe the examiner IT WON’T WORK. And the result is 99% of the time correct. Hardly an room for error. If the examiner does make a huge error s/he will face it’s consequences.

    Either make the matric system the best in the land or bargain the fee that the o level charge .

  • this not gonna work, bhutto killed education system of pakistan and now nothing works, education is free everywhere and in pakistan its business, every londa londy goes to get higher education in europe.

  • The Only difference between these O/A levels and the Pakistan Federal board (including other provincial boards) is that the O/A level train their students for the future. Every year theres a revised curriculum. They train student for what really matter in the future. They groom student where they can excel. While the Pakistani boards are a compilation of British methods of the 18th and 19th Century. They are still living in the past, and teach what was trend in the 1900s. Improvements should really be considered before transferring to the ratta system.

  • What???? Seriously are you out of your mind? Unifying isn’t a solution. Reviwing what’s wrong and improving on it is the way to forward. Our books are outdated, have twisted information and are totally useless crap. The School system in general is producing kids unable to think critically and have zero problem solving skills. A little possiblity that can be seen is in Cambridge that atleast have better books and slightly better teachers than our govt schools. According to this post, later on you’ll be unifying mudarssa with govt schools and see what happens then. Sorry for not writing in a calm manner but it had to come out.

  • close