“We’re Being Treated as Tea Boys” Says Customs Officer’s Complaint on Citizen Portal

Pakistan Citizen Portal has proved to be a worthy platform where citizens can complain about their grievances directly to the government.

It is a first of its kind application and has been very effective so far where people share misconduct of government officials, sanitary and inadequate health facilities in hospitals, etc. But this time around, the portal received a unique complaint from alleged customs personnel.

The complainant revealed that ever since their appointment, they had been treated as a ‘tea boy’ in a 21-grade government officer’s house.

The complainant said they are forced to work as a personal servant to the higher officials while in the Customs uniforms.

“We are ashamed that we have to do kitchen chores and make tea while wearing our uniforms,” the personnel complained.

The complaint appeared to be addressing grievances of more than one person and demanded a prompt action from Prime Minister of Pakistan.

“The government spent millions of rupees on our training and grooming as sepoys/constables,” it said. “However, after we complete our training, we, the uniformed personnel, are assigned to make tea for officers.”

We are ashamed of having to perform such menial tasks while in uniform, they complained.

The complaint reportedly has been forwarded to Chief Collector Customs.

  • Unfortunately, to get a job – you have to accept this bullshit culture with multi-task job of every type lowest- worst- medium. Where there is now rule of law implementation, such things faced by every employee at lowest, medium level.

  • Customs is one of the top corrupt “idara” in this country. Shame on pti. Did they hang anybody in this almost eight months time of their govt.? Shame on pti. shame shame shame.

    • bhai jb tak N league, PPP or PTI me mafia k log hain Imran Khan kuch nhi kr skta jitni mrzi koshish kr ly. The whole system needs to be demolished.

    • Hang : PPP MQP PLM N Etc Which Government Can Hang the Corrupted People ?
      Hang is not the final way to clean and green Pakistan :
      Aise to Hum Sub He Corrupted hai :

  • Mujhy Achy se Yaad hai Jab me Job krta tha to
    Humain waha Tea bnany k liay b Banda nhi dia gya tha
    wesy b Pvt Jobs me to insaan 1 kaam k liay hire kia jata hai aur Multi kaam de diay jaty hain

    Log zyada aur kaam kam hon gay to ye ee kujj hota hai
    Jobs zyada aur bandy kamm hon to Lagg loo Jay inn Corrupt Logon ko


    Shame on all Previous Govt Holders 70 saal se berra garak kr k rakh dia hamary Pyare Pakistan ka

    Jaha Legal Kaam k liay b Mujhy 1000 dena parr gya tha

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