PIA’s Karachi to London Flight Becomes a Nightmare for Passengers

Pakistan International Airline’s (PIA) flight PK 787 became highly uncomfortable for the passengers due to its faulty Air-conditioning system. PIA’s Boeing 777 aircraft took off from Jinnah International terminal Karachi to London Heathrow Airport with no onboard operational air conditioning facility.

As soon as the passengers boarded the plane they pointed out to the crew that AC is not working properly, they were told that it will start working once they are airborne. However, the AC did not work even after the flight took off and cabin temperature rose to 30 degrees Celsius. Passengers including women and children were left perspiring and waving paper fans for an 8-hour long flight (average time).

People have also reported that the cabin crew didn’t cooperate during the flight, appealing to the management to take notice of the issue.

On 3rd August 2018, a similar incident was reported on PK 750 Paris – Islamabad flight, when the video of a mother went viral pleading the airline staff to open the plane doors as her baby was suffocating due to faulty air conditioning. Explanation letters were issued to the staff responsible for the inconvenience.

Such events can tarnish the image of the National Carrier internationally. The official response of the PIA management is still awaited.

Via Dunya News

  • This is a route en matter, The tail of dog never straight like PIA even you give them all facilities, that is why? the European countries apply bane only on this air line, which is very Big lose .

  • People not happy, I went on pia flight back to isb from london where the ac was on but some passengers said it was too cold and to turn it up. Hence after a while it got a bit toasty. Not too warm but toasty. I suppose it was freezing cold in UK in early february. Having said that it was mightily cold in Islamabad too.

  • The PIA International Fleet charges an extorsion amount of money to travel and facilities and service provided are inadequate and Poor.
    The governing body should penalise and campaign for better furnished seating facilities and safety.

  • Such ugly figures of PIA proves that this airline will never touch the standard measures like other airlines so better avoid PIA

  • I have been on PIA First and last time, very poor service and also I saw passengers smoking in the toilet and the crew allowed them to smoke. Please Try to avoid PIA.

  • What surprises me is that why did the plane left Karachi when it was apparant that the Airconditioning was not working? The crew, delibrately, lied to the passengers. They knew it would get worse. All goes to the Captain and above. The Captain must had fixed this problem even it would take sometime on ground. This is the worst any passengers had to go through. THE CAPTAIN MUST BE FIRED. It will send a clear message to other pilots NOT to do it again.

  • Pia flights are disgraceful are just a joke ,the air conditioning does not work at all last year it weren’t working and it is not working we pay a lot of money for the flights it’s just disgusting , nothing is ever done we have been travelling with pia for about 27 yrs it’s all ways been the same disgusting food and the services are very poor ,I have travelled with British airways the flight was excellent 2 times I have travelled with them untill it stop running flights to Islamabad.

  • The PIA is our national carrier’s.and nawaz
    thief and zardari thief and dirty people like them did corruption in the PIA.stole money of the poor people of Pakistan.that why our PIA is suffering very badly.and their are lot off other sectors which are suffered badly because of corruption.

    • اگر پاکستان میں ہوا بھی تیز چل جائے تو گالیاں نواز اور زرداری کو ۔۔۔۔۔۔ کچھ عقل کو ھاتھ ڈالو جھاز کے ایئر کنڈیشنگ سسٹم کی بات ہو رھی ھے کوئی سیاست ھو رہی ہے؟؟؟؟

  • This is very common. I was returning from Umrah via Pia and my father was feeling cold because of fever. I requested hostess for a blanket and she ignored my request for 4 times and after that she brought a piece of thick cloth. Absolutely disgusting. And oh yes the air-conditioning system was very bad. This is why I say that Daewoo bus service is a lot better than Pia.

  • humay to whatsapp groups pe bataya gya tha k PIA ne profit mai jana shuru kar dia hai.qayadat achi ho to idaray bhi taraqqi kartay hain.hum to messages fwd kar kar pagal ho gye thay.

  • Pehli bat abhi PIA sirf no profit no loss main ayi hay jo haal pehlay syasatdan ne kia hoa tha ye bohat bari achievement hay k no P/L main le ker aye
    Dosri bat jab sab pakistani apne mulk se wafadar nahi to rona kesa??
    Sab to other countries ki companies ko profit detey ho or galiyan PIA ko nikalty ho
    Suggestion dene ka haq tab hay jab ap log contribute kro apni efforts apni loyalty with PIA
    As an intelligence officer i ask all of you criticism is a way to make Pakistan better or contribution is a way to make Pakistan better.

    • Mr Agent,
      I have much appreciated what you are saying. But this is basic thing to be done before air craft takeover. I hope you understand this.

  • Hi
    I am the passenger being interviewed on this flight and my wife fell ill, she is still in discomfort after getting home.

  • In this situation they should and must compensate all passengers who care what previous government did we pay high price to support our own airline and pia taking advantage of us.

  • پی آئی اے کا بڑا مسئلہ عملے کی رعونت اور بداخلاقی بھی ہے۔ دیگر ائیر لائنز مسافروں کو وی آئی پی پروٹوکول دیتی ہیں جبکہ قومی ایئر لائن والے یوں پیش آتے ہیں جیسے آپ کو لے جا کر آپ کی سات پشتوں پر احسان کر رہے ہوں۔

  • Such articles also tarnish the airline don’t you think. If a hundred positive changes are introduced but one negative incident occurs, you will highlight the bad. Every airline goes through such problems, stop targetting your national carrier every single day.

    • Thats a wrong attitude If we need to compete with the likes of Etihad and Turkish Airlines – excellence should be the motto NOT Minimum Quality

    • فائزہ جی لگتا ہے آپ کا تعلق بھی پی آئی اے سے ہے ۔۔یہی تو مسلہ ہے آپ لوگوں کا ۔۔اپنی غلطی مانتے ہی نہیں ۔۔اور نہ اپنے آپ کو ٹھیک کرنے کی کوشش کرتے ھو ۔۔لوگ چیخ رہے ہیں کہ ان پر دوران سفر کیا بیتی ۔۔اور آپ ادھر اپنی غلطی ماننے کے بجاۓ ہمیں حب الوطنی کا درس دئیے جا رہی ھو ۔۔کوئی خدا کا خوف کرو ظالم لوگو ۔۔

  • Pakistan is best country. We may not have electricity. We may have jaahil and thief leaders. But it’s our country. And we love it

  • What a rubbish lot you are all criticising PIA .It’s not PIA itself or its employees to blame . It’s Nawaz / Zardari & the CORRUPT government & officials who milked the company for there own greed .Please have some respect & keep supporting PIA & YOU will feel & see the progress very soon Insha Allah .

  • PIA is a joke. I had bad experience twice since then I decided I will never travel with this unmanaged airline.PIA is like W11 minibus which can change its destination whenever they want. Only charm with PIA is direct flight from London to karachi .PIA changed direct flight London to karachi twice when I travelled ,on top of this they were short of food and did not offer my wife food. Since then I use EMIRATES best airline if it’s not direct then EMIRATES is best.Why PIA ?????

  • Whatever @Faiza is not one incident out of 100 if you keep hiring your aunt’s and uncle’s without any qualification this is what you get.

  • You people seems AntiPaksitani instead of ProPakistani. Everytime and every little fault is being broadcasted here for PIA. Did you ever look at other operational flights?

    • I hope one day you travel with a baby with air conditioning On then I’ll ask you how much pro Pakistani you are ???

  • Mr Agent X. Accounibility word ke maani pata hain. Kia PIA ki flights khali ja rahi hain. What do you mean by loyalty? Loyalti country ke saath hoti hai corruption ke saath nahi mind you.

  • My wife on this flight grom Lahore. It was scheduled to fly 11 am on 25th. But then she was told it would depart at 1am. Finally it took off at 5 am. What shameless attitude of pIA. They should compensate the passengers. Its their moral duty. Just apologizing doesn’t help. They should offer free hotel drop stay. Porter facility or keep the luggage. They can gv future vouchers to the paassngers for business class travel coz they hv suffered due to the incompetent airlines n its staff.

  • It’s so convenient to travel by PIA with a baby from Toronto to Lahore. In 13 hours you are in Lahore. Only with the fear that PIA air conditioning might not work I traveled emirates in October. The ticket was expensive compared to PIA and I had a 15 hours transit at Dubai but still I dare not to travel trough PIA……… Such a shame

    • Death can come in PIA, Emirates, Lahore, Toronto, in bedroom or toilet, important thing is how much you feel the same pain for others?

      • what an argument. Why don’t you swim with sharks because death can come anywhere. Here we are discussing the pathetic condition of PIA not empathy. Precaution is better than cure.

  • Pia is a joke just like Imran Khan both can’t run shit look at the state of Pakistan since he’s taken over the £1.00 is just under 200 rupees he’s only there because of the army he’s not going to last

  • وہ زرتاج گل صاحبہ سے پوچھیں کہ اب امران خان والی رحمتی بارش PIA کی فلائٹس میں بھی کروادیا کریں نا ۔۔۔

  • I have been travelling through PIA for the last few trips whenever possible. I must say they are putting in a lot of effort to improve. The punctuality has been great when you see all other “major” airlines delayed at the same time.
    Yes, the planes are old, so they are bound to show problems here and there. But overall, flight experience has been great recently. This is another institute that has been eaten alive by the corrupt elite. Support it if it’s trying to recover.

  • People who running this Air line, they should take this responsibility for the AC. Regardless whatever they do the best.

  • It’s true PIA cabin crew they have no manners how to talk with passenger.
    Them behavior is not good they think they are doing favor on us…

  • 1. Pl dont use this title pic again. These a/c are no more with PIA since long.
    2. PIA was in loss even before Nawaz Gang and Zardari Group due to non civilian incompetent delinquents in PIA.
    3. PIA is suffering due to militarization. De-militarize it and hire competent civilians then see result.

  • Jis tarah Careem mein baghair AC wali cars hain , PIA bhi yehi kar raha hai k baghair AC walay planes uda rahay hain lekin tickets full price. Boht Nainsafi hai bhai, Rates to adhay lo agar AC nahi chala rahay.Shame on you PIA. Great people to fly with ka slogan hai apka, lekin i think great people to die with.

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