Automatic Language Detection and Instant Translation is Coming to Google Translate

Google Translate, the widely popular translation app we’re all familiar with, is getting a new “camera translation” feature.

A recent teardown of Google Translate 5.29 Apk shows various lines of code that hint towards this new upcoming feature for Google Translate. However, do keep in mind that Google may or may not decide to make these features official as this is only leaked information from Google’s decompiled apk files uploaded onto the Google Play Store.

The Google Translate 5.29 revealed that the existing camera translation feature is due for a major upgrade which is going to improve the translation quality and support more languages.

Hidden Feature

The biggest highlight over here is the hidden “automatic language detection”. Before this, users had to manually specify the language they wanted to translate and highlight the text.

Now with automatic language detection, you can not only get a faster translation but now you can also point the camera at any text without knowing what the language is and get a reliable translation.

As part of the new interface, you also get a “pause translation” button near the bottom, which is above the three available options of Instant, Scan, and Import. With instant mode, the translation shows on top of the original text with the same formatting.

The scan mode is not very different from the previous versions. Import, meanwhile, lets you select existing images from your gallery and translate them.

Overall, the functionality of the app is quite similar to its previous versions with the addition of automatic language detection which makes the app a lot faster and easier to use. Google Translate 5.29 is widely available on the Play Store but there’s no word on when the new features will be enabled.

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