Jazz Becomes First Pakistani Telecom Operator To Provide WhatsApp Self-Care Services

In an industry first move, Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital communications company, has started offering its post-paid subscribers a self-care service window on WhatsApp, the world’s most-used messenger app.

Under this partnership, WhatsApp will act as a self-service portal for Jazz users where either the customer can send a message to the Jazz WhatsApp number or vice versa.

Jazz postpaid customers can send “Hi” to 0300-3008000 to connect with Jazz WhatsApp channel. On connecting to the channel, customers will be able to pay their bills, get last generated invoice and view their billing information along with support FAQs. All conversations during this time will be completely free of charge.

Talking about this industry first move, Sadia Khuram, Chief Customer Experience Officer (CCEO) at Jazz said,

In keeping with evolving habits of our customers in the digital space, Jazz is committed to providing friction-free and effortless services to its customers, and is proud to announce the launch of WhatsApp as a social support channel for its valued customers.

In the first phase of the launch, this channel will provide self-service options to its postpaid customers, who will now be able to get their billing information, pull invoices & make payments using a simple menu. Going forward, the ambition is to grow this into a full-fledged conversational channel and extend it to pre-paid customers as well.

She continued,

As customers increasingly inhabit the world of WhatsApp and their preference is moving from ‘traditional call center care’ to ‘social care’ models, Jazz will continue to be responsive to its customers’ needs for easy, fast and convenient care channels.

“We are happy to help Jazz enhance their customer experience by enabling their post-paid users an improved interaction with the operator through their preferred chat app. We aim to create innovative solutions that continuously enhance services our clients and partners provide and are thrilled that Jazz recognized this as an opportunity to upgrade their customer care and prove their position as a market leader in Pakistan,” said Dino Ibrahimović, Managing Director Infobip MENA.

With 1.5 billion global users, WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in the world with its popularity growing day by day in Pakistan, where it is the top instant messaging app. This partnership with Jazz is via WhatsApp’s local partner Infobip, which operates one of the world’s leading proprietary messaging and communications platforms, designed to connect mobile network operators with enterprises.

  • TCS already does this on whatsapp for TCS Hazir service. not getting why it took a white man plus a full delegation just to start a business chat. if they start pay services like wechat in pakistan, now that would be something!

    • What TCS could have would be a simple phone based Whatsapp solution where their agent will respond to customer queries. (I added their number but cannot see their contact in WhatApp). What Jazz has implemented is an AI based chatbot solution which can handle hundreds of thousands of customers simultaneously. Please don’t compare rotten cabbage (TCS) with apples (Jazz)

      No pun intended :)

  • Jazz is pathetic , they removed warid app and no details available for jazz post paid customers on their jazz app, no 3/4 coverage in most parts of the Lahore, lodging complaints since 3 years but they dont listen

    Jazz has no future , soon Zong will buy their dead body

    • Agreed for Coverage Signals are pathetic now in most of the parts of Punjab

  • Great work. No wonder Jazz is the best network of Pakistan, equipped with most innovative workforce coming up with industry first solutions all the time maintaining the superior quality of product.

  • It’s an amazing experience to enjoy self-service with such convenience without installing any extra/new app on phone via WhatsApp.

    Good work Jazz – keep rocking :)

  • I was expecting nothing less from jazz as they are leading telecom company in Pakistan who are always looking to provide ease to their customer with there great new services.

  • Good to know that WhatsApp Business has officially started in Pakistan and Jazz has opted for this service. That’s amazing that No need to download additional Apps, or to remember various confusing short codes or remaining on hold for long to get connected with the Call center agent. This will be game changer for not only Telecom operators but for the entire market of Pakistan.

  • Whatsapp is owned by Facebook, and, ANYBODY can find out the true face of Facebook with some better research. Bad to see that Instead of using user data privacy focused messengers Jazz has chosen “Whatsucks” or in other words chosen to be a party in the dirty games of Fakebook Group of Companies.

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