Islamabad Schools Should Collect Fee on a Monthly Basis: PEIRA

Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority (PEIRA) has told a Senate functional committee that Islamabad-based schools are supposed to collect their tuition fee on a monthly basis.

PEIRA told the meeting in writing that the private schools cannot charge summer fees together, as they have to collect the fee on a monthly basis.

This development came in a meeting of the special committee, which was formed for the implementation of the recommendations of the Senate committee. Senator Dilawar Khan presided over the meeting with the agenda, “Point of public importance regarding charge of holidays fee by private educational institutions.”


Private Schools Should Not Increase Fees More Than 5% Annually: Supreme Court

The regulatory authority submitted a working paper to the committee. It stated that the Supreme Court has not given any directions for restraining the private schools from charging fees of summer holidays 2019 and onwards.

“However, keeping in view the economic position of parents, private schools have been directed by the authority to charge a fee of the entire academic session of 12 calendar months, including the summer holidays, on a monthly basis,” stated the working paper.

PEIRA maintained that if the committee orders anything regarding fees of summer holidays 2019, it will be communicated to the private schools of Islamabad.

Via: Dawn

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