Karachi Gets its First Augmented Reality Books

After a highly successful book fair in Lahore, Big Bad Wolf has now introduced Augmented Reality books in Karachi for the first time.

The books caught the attention of kids in particular, many of whom experienced AR books for the first time.

According to the organizer, the books were getting sold out at the book fair held in Lahore back in April. These books are expected to attract a large number of visitors and customers at the book fair being held in Expo Center Karachi as well. The book fair runs from March 26 to August 6.

The organizer of the event is the sole distributors of these AR books which can be read through the Hippo Magic Book app on your smartphone or tablet. These AR books have a variety of learning materials and stories designed exclusively for children up to 5 years.

The book fair is displaying over one million books, mostly in English, claiming to offer discounts from 50 percent to 90 percent.

Also, this book fair displays the books on a per genre basis making it easier to find the right one, instead of dividing them based on their publishers like the regular book fairs.

The available sections include fiction, which is further divided into other sections such as General Fiction, Young Adult, Romance, Literature and Crime thrillers. Other genres include Health and Wellness, Pets and Nature, History, Children’s books, Self-help books, Urdu books and etc.

  • Please share about venues, duration of the book fair and opening and closing time of the venue

    • Also advise us list of Books Name, Author, Title Image Etc :
      Public Ko Online Kuch to Batao Jis Se Hamara Interest Barhe Jane Ka :

      Kiya Waha Pe “Tohf-E-Dulhan Tohf-E-Dulha & ShaadiMubarak” Books hai ?
      No One Knows

  • Venue. Expo centre

    Exhibition 5 august tak lagi hai

    24 hours open

    My friends visit expo yesterday, raat 11:30 tak waha thy plus waha likha bhi hai 24 hours open rahayga

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