E-Cigarettes & New ‘Smoke-Free’ Products Do Not Reduce Cancer Risk: WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products do not reduce the harms of smoking. Such products are also not helpful in quitting the habit.

The UN body has urged smokers and governments not to fall into the trap of cigarette firms about such products. These revelations were made in the seventh ‘WHO report in the global tobacco epidemic’. The global organization has said that the industry’s interference should be blocked to reduce the harm from tobacco use.

“The tobacco industry has a long history of systemic, aggressive, sustained, and well-resourced opposition to tobacco control measures. While some strategies are public and others more covert… all have the goal of weakening tobacco control,” stated the report.

The report further emphasized that tobacco giant, Philip Morris International, has attempted to portray itself as a responsible public health partner through its “Unsmoke” campaign that motivates people to switch to ‘a better alternative’.

WHO said the campaign ensures that tobacco remains socially acceptable. It confuses people with terms like ‘smoke-free products,’ which refer to products emitting toxins and unidentified short-term and long-term health effects.

However, the tobacco giant’s spokesman, Ryan Sparrow, said that WHO has made it harder to provide safer options to people who are unable to quit smoking.

“There is no question that the best choice for smokers is to quit cigarettes and nicotine altogether. The reality is many people do not. We cannot turn our backs on them. Organizations like the World Health Organization need to stop talking at smokers and start listening,” he said.

Program Manager of WHO’s tobacco control unit, Vinayak Prasad, maintains that there is no difference between cigarettes and heated tobacco products except in terms of exposure. “The heat is less and the smoke is not visible,” he said.

  • What a pack of lies. E cigarettes do not have TAR and Carbon monoxide two of the most harmful agents in them, how could they be equivalent to traditional cigarettes?
    Also E cigarettes do not have tobacco so how could they be as dangerous as tobacco products.

    Big tobacco is paying handsomely to governments and agencies like WHO to influence their reports.

    The research and report by “Cancer research UK” shows that E-cigarettes (not tobacco heating products) are 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

  • e cig are of different types, only electronic herb smoking devices are harmful, e liquids are of almost no harm. “some people have just no common sense” . electronic herb smoking devices are not generally taken as e cig . 50 % of americans are smoking e cig already, and credible researches are there to support e cig

  • There is no comparison for sure you will smoke the mixture of tar and nicotine in conventional cigarettes and just Glacirien in E-Cigarette with little nicotine or no nicotine.

    I am not saying that E-cigarette are harmless but e-cigarette are way better the traditional cigarettes.

  • e cig is less harm from tradition cig, but other drawback also there of e-cig, so its true not harm as much as cig. but lots of other issue raise when you smoke e-cig.
    Some common Health Problem are Dry mouth, Dizziness,
    A cough, Dry skin, Itchiness, Dry eyes, Insomnia, Nosebleeds.

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