Jazz Celebrates 25-Year Anniversary in Pakistan

Jazz is changing the Pakistani digital ecosystem by leading in innovation and technology. Since its inception 25 years ago, it has been working on its vision of digitizing Pakistan one household at a time.

This year, on its 25 year anniversary, Jazz has decided to carry out a massive digital and multidimensional campaign aimed at celebrating the past struggles, present achievements and the vision for the future.

The campaign took off on Instagram by getting Pakistani citizens to share digital artwork or content pieces that told the story of a futuristic Pakistan. The purpose of the campaign was to give a glimpse into the future marked by new-age technology and innovation.

Additionally, as part of the 25-year campaign, Jazz played on the theme of nostalgia and growth by asking Pakistanis to reminisce their favorite memory associated with Jazz from the last 25 years. The entries saw an influx of heart touching stories revolving around themes of new beginnings, family and love.

As a pioneer in the telecom market, Jazz prides itself in connecting people, enabling digitization and revolutionizing businesses and this sentiment was reflected in the stories that were shared with Jazz. In response to the stories coming in, Jazz decided to select the top-most heartwarming stories and hand out giveaways to the participants.

This is just the beginning of a digital revolution and we’re excited to see what Jazz has in store for the future. Congratulations on the 25 years of learning and innovation and here’s to 25 and more!

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  • Jaaz changing Pakistani digital ecosystem in innovation & technology. Inception 25 years ago its working on its vision of digitising Pakistan one touch old at a time. Observations from Mr. Muhammad Ali Hussain for Ranking is important for the company towards its role to deliver Digitising Pakistan. Being one of the oldest customers suggest towards digitisation, 5G, AI. Be fast to 5G trails yesterday, alongwith the handset.

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