This Aero Engine Built by a Pakistani Engineer Can Produce Rain

A female aerospace engineer from Pakistan is developing a pollution-free engine for airplanes which will reduce global warming and induce artificial rain during flight.

Dr. Sarah Qureshi, who holds a Master’s in Aerospace Dynamics and a Ph.D. in Aerospace Propulsion from Cranfield University, UK, is confident that her invention will take the aviation industry by a storm.

In an interview with an international news outlet, Sarah maintained that she, along with her father, Masood Latif Qureshi, a prominent Physicist and a Scientist, has set up a company “Aero Engine Craft” to develop environment-friendly engines for airplanes.

Sarah, who is also a certified Aerobatic pilot, said her team has designed a revolutionary contrail-free aero-engine with added features of reduced carbon footprint, in a bid to counter global warming.

How Does It work?

The engine will have a unique pressure-based condensation system, which will cool the water vapors in the aircraft exhaust. This water will remain on the airplane and can be released as rain as required.

You see when an airplane flies; cloud-like contrails are formed. These clouds are water vapors frozen around small particles (aerosols) that exist in aircraft exhaust. These clouds cannot produce rain; rather, they blanket the atmosphere with the emissions from planes, resultantly contributing to global warming.

“We manufactured an engine and then attached the condensation system with it to transform it into a contrail-free aero-engine,” Sarah said, adding that this will be tested on an aircraft in the next phase.

Dr. Qureshi revealed that her project has won two international patents and will take at least six years before it is commercially available.

She emphasized that air pollution is equally dangerous for the environment as land pollution.

The country’s private sector has taken an environment-friendly initiative for the first time, which will globally highlight Pakistan’s role in the fight against global warming, Sarah added.

Via: Independent Urdu

    • No …….. atmosphere is still present even at above 30 thousand feet. Planes fly that high for certain other reasons. Contrails would be produced even at ground level should the temperatures are present to condense the water vapor.

  • Greetings from Pakistan!
    I wonder that how the jet exhaust holds vapours in an aerosol form. Despite the exhaust temperatures being at 2500 F and above. Whereas water evaporates at 100 C.
    The contrails or jet exhaust trails form by simply absorbing more of water vapours in the surroundings due to excessive high exhaust temperatures. As soon as exhaust blast air condenses, due to minus degrees 45 C or even much lesser, excessively absorbed water vapours simple condense. Visible to the eyes and gradually again evaporates in the sky, or is blown apart by winds.
    Thus developing a device to collect surrounding moisture, can be the idea.
    I being an aviator myself wonder how this works.
    Many thanks.

    • The device does not simply collect the surrounding moisture ……… it rather attaches to the engine exhaust and reclaims water vapor produced.

  • Total nonsense, contrails from aircraft actually reflect sunlight away from the earth thus reducing global warming, Sarah could have verified this by either doing a simple google search or better still going back to school, sadly i suspect she is just another scamster 420 chasing unsuspecting investors ,

    • Agreed! She’s claiming to convert water vapors of contrails into the water and carry 160000 liters of water collected during the flight. An aerospace scientist asked one simple question to her on Twitter – “Where will you store this huge quantity of water during the flight”? She replied “Inflatable Membrane!!

      So her design will have 2 inflatable membranes (i.e. balloons) with 80,000 liters of water in each, hanging under each engine of a plane, which is cruising at 1000 kmph! I mean, is she serious? What about drag forces? What about flight stability? What about weight increase by 160000 kgs on each? What about the capacity of engine pylon? Is it designed to take that extra load? Most probably every flight will end up in crash! This idea should not come from a Ph.D is Aerospace Engineering. 3rd grade kids will do better.

  • Keep it up. You can get Pakistan to show its rwal talent. You have a friendly and dynamic government at presant where its leader IK is corruption free and willing to bring positive change. You can be a great team together. My prayers are for you.

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