These Wireless Headphones Will Never Run Out of Battery

James Bullough Lansing, more commonly known as JBL, is an American tech company popular for its high-quality audio systems including speakers, headsets, earphones, etc. They have now announced a self-charging wireless headset with virtually unlimited playback.

The JBL Reflect Eternal is powered by Exeger’s Powerfoyle technology that can passively charge up the headset through solar and artificial light, virtually allowing for endless playback.

It is packed with a 700 mAh battery that normally provides 24 hours of playback, but taking the headset outdoors can significantly increase this battery life. Using the headphones outdoors for 1.5 hours can boost battery life up to 68 hours and 2 hours can take it up to 168 hours.

Of course, it also comes with standard wired charging through a USB port that can bring 2 hours of additional playtime in just under 15 minutes. There is an LED indicator at the top for the battery status.

Additionally, it can also be used to manage calls and address the phone’s assistant through dedicated buttons on the sides.

The JBL Reflect Eternal is currently going through crowdfunding with a price tag of $55. It will be available in red and green color options once it starts shipping in October 2020.

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