Suleman Khan Becomes Pakistan’s Superhero After Saving Over 100 People

We have all seen superheroes taking stranded people to safety with their powers, however, Pakistanis have found their own superhero in Suleman Khan, who rescued more than 100 people stuck in the snow without any help from the authorities.

It is worth mentioning that more than 100 people have died in different incidents, especially due to extreme weather in recent days across the country.


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Hailing from Kuchlak in Balochistan, Suleman took out his Land Cruiser to help cold-stricken passengers on  Quetta-Zhob highway after the recent spell of heavy snowfall in the province.

The extreme weather had left the people suffering when the 30-year-old hero drove them to his home, offering food and shelter. He also dragged a number of cars out of the snow during the last three days, taking them to safety.


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Not just this, he helped people get fuel and even paid for it from his own pocket. Suleman “tried to give priority to pregnant women, heart patients, and small children” when he left his comfortable home to save lives.

I did everything for the will of God. I saw that people who were stuck by the avalanche and had I not helped them, they probably wouldn’t have returned alive. I had been trying to help them since 2 pm, however officials arrived around 12 am.

Heroes definitely exist and the world would be a better place if more people were willing to sacrifice their comfort for humanitarian purposes.

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  • We need to learn his precious lesson. And apply to our daily lives first. To love other human as our own. Reach out and help others in our daily lives. Not to exploit the poor and weak. Not to cheat. We have the resources and power. We lack the will.
    Love you Suleman Khan

  • The entire nation is proud of you. Whoever can give a helping hand in any manner should follow his example.

  • This man is real Pakistani. And Pakistan also loves you and many other unknown heroes like this. I think such services has much better reward from Allah than any other reward. Wish u good luck.

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