Govt is Using ISI to Trace Coronavirus Cases

Prime Minister Imran Khan has revealed that the government is using the Inter-Services Intelligence’s (ISI) surveillance technology to trace the suspected coronavirus patients.

During the live ‘Ehsaas Telethon’ Khan said that the technology in use to track COVID-19 cases was originally designed by the ISI to trace terrorists.

He rebuffed the notion that a complete lockdown was the only option to fight the pandemic, by saying that we should take decisions for the whole nation and not just for the elite.


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Premier urged the nation to cooperate with the government in the fight against coronavirus as no government could deal with the pandemic alone.

Tracking and testing of patients is the only way to reopen businesses. No single government can battle the pandemic.

PM Khan retreated that a full-fledged lockdown for an extended period was impossible as it will have disastrous implications on the economy. He said that the government is focused to fight the pandemic while keeping the difficult economic times in mind.

Therefore, we will have to move towards smart lockdown, as it was the only option to keep a balance between the fight against the virus, as well as hunger and poverty.


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The massive fund-raising transmission was organized to collect money to protect the vulnerable faction of the society during the lockdown.

Actors, singers, cricketers, businessmen, and people from all across the country and beyond called in and pledged millions of rupees to the cause. At the end of the transmission, the government had collected Rs. 550 million rupees, taking the total in Prime Minister’s Relief Fund to Rs. 2,765,980,593.

  • Distribute each Pakistani with 10 million rupees. The collected fund seems sufficient for this reason. Work out a mechanism to distribute the money. Poverty will be wiped out. Lockdown will also workout and people will listen to our PM diligently. It is hardly a billion dollars.

  • This technology was used to track BAD terrorists and good citizens only.
    Good terrorists are welcome by Pakistan.
    If this news is true, at least now ISI will do something good for the country since its inception.

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