Govt Refutes Fake News About Qadianis

After a daylong hustle on social media against the government’s alleged move to include Qadianis in the minority commission, an official rebuttal has finally appeared. Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, Noor-ul-Haq Qadri, has denied any such decision from the cabinet.

In a video message, Qadri lamented the false propaganda against the government for allegedly giving Qadiani’s membership of the minority commission. The story was attributed to him, saying that the religious minister moved the summary, declaring Qadianis a religious minority which was approved by the Prime Minister after the endorsement of his cabinet members.



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However, Qadri categorically denied the allegation, saying that the cabinet has not approved any such proposal.

We love our last Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w) and are the protector of the finality of his prophethood (Khatm-e-Nubuwwat). The cabinet has not made any decision in this regard as of yet.

The minister added that any future decision in this regard will be made in the light of provisions in the 1973’s Constitution.


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Earlier on Wednesday, an anti-government drive started on Twitter lamenting PM Khan and his cabinet for the controversial decision.

Angry members of the ultra-right-wing parties demanded the government’s clarification in this regard, while many condemned PM Imran Khan and his cabinet, and demanded his removal from the office. Trends like #قادیانی_اقلیت_نہیں_غدار and #قادیانی_زندیق_لعنتی_کافر topped on Twitter throughout the day.

This all started when a private TV channel broke the news about the PTI government’s alleged move, declaring Ahmedis a religious minority.

  • But Qadianis are Pakistanis too and why they are not allowed to be added in the Minority Commission?. They are a minority and you cannot take away their rights. They have basic human rights like all Pakistanis.
    If they are not minorities then what they are?. Where they can talk about their rights?.
    We as Pakistanis are keeping a close eye on India, America and West and their treatment with the minorities, but we are not even allowing them to be recognized in Pakistan? This is too much hypocricy.

    • Because they don’t consider themselves as minority, they insist to keep them as a majority (i.e. consider them as a muslim which they are not)

      this is the main tussle

      • Sir they are becoming a Part of Minority Commission. Minority commision is for all Non Muslims of Pakistan. What else do you need from them?. As a Pakistani they must be given equal “Human Right”
        What kind of message we are giving to the outside world?. What kind of Islam we are talking about?. Islam talks about “Universal Human Rights”.

        Universal Human Rights of Islam means that Humanity exists for all Human beings and it should be extended even to animals.

    • Qadianis are special case, They are non-muslims because of their belief, but they don’t consider themselves.
      What religion do you think they claimed?
      When they decide their religion, and proper name, treatment will be same as other minorities.

      • They are now becoming a part of Minority Commission. What else they can do sir.?. Minority Commission is for all Non Muslims of Pakistan. You cannot take away the right of Non Muslim Pakistanis by any logic.
        Also This attitude has no place in Islam as well that you discriminate against any Human like that. Tell me what Islam you are following actually?.

        Anyway this is exactly what Hindu RSS say for the Muslims of India that they are a “special case”. What is the difference in the RSS Hindu extremist ideology and ideology of a Pakistani extremist?.

        Both of them ( RSS India and Extremist Pakistanis) give justifications to discriminate against the minorities based on one logic or another.

        • Please provide any prove that they are becoming a part of Minority commission! And they are not the common minority as they are Murtad! And you have written above that “Universal Human Rights of Islam means that Humanity exists for all Human beings and it should be extended even to animals.” Please give any Islamic reference about Murtad مرتد that they have the same luxury as other minorities?
          I will hope that you will stuck to my point and will not throw blah blah!

          • A murtad means a person who leaves Islam. Go and read what Murtad means. A person who is born into this religion is not Murtad. They are born into these families and they are adopting the religion of their parents. All Qadianis of Pakistan are Qadianis by Birth.
            That definition don’t apply on them.

            Also please don’t tell these Murtad ( and Qabil e Qatal) stories in English. Indians and Westerners ( Europeans, American and Non-Muslims) quote the Idiots like you to tell everyone that how Muslims want to kill based on differences.
            I hope you will understand.

  • *Please provide any prove that they are becoming a part of Minority commission by declaring themselves as non muslims?

  • I am a Pakistani Christian and I defend the right of every minority member to get full human rights in Pakistan.
    Qadianis deserves all human rights.
    Pakistani majority will never understand our daily miseries and discrimination, but as a minority i see daily discrimination. Stop dividing Pakistanis on the basis of religion. Why the majority is not willing to give all the same rights?. Minorities are not humans or what?.

  • As a muslim I consider Qadianis as Kafir, but they must be given their rights as citizens of this country even being Kafirs. If we are so intolerant, then how can we blame the RSS extremists or others who consider us kafirs and are perpetrating atrocities against muslims on the basis of our beliefs. As lovers of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) we must adopt his character traits of being Sadiq and Ameen, instead of mistreating minorities which our Holy Prophet (PBUH) did not advocate to do.

  • Simple question did they accept we are non muslim ( kafar)? If yes their matter is end but if no then no space for them in this system. If some one watch clip what they said to trump here in USA we can called ours self Muslim but in ?? no. Then what is this all b****t.

    • Just think for a minute that does it make sense fot any Christian, Qadiani, Hindu, Sikh or Parsi to claim themselves as Kaafir?. Kaafir means a Non-believer. Even I am not a Kaafir.
      Nonone including a Qadiani will do it.
      Please don’t push to thw limits of insanity.

      What is next that you want to kill them easse?. This is your Islam is all about?. This is the extreme hatred that your religion is teaching you?. Where is your religion of peace and no compulsion claim?.

  • and this nation was rejoicing after getting 1 billion from the imf … are imf walas muslim?

  • lol. what an idiotic discussion. in order for them to be represented in minority commission, they would have to claim themselves a minority and thus non-muslims cuz the majority is muslims. so do they claim that they are non-muslims and thus a minority in muslim majority country? the answer is a big NO. so they cant be in minority commission by extension of their own logic.

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