Sarfaraz Nawaz Makes a Shameful Claim About Wasim Akram’s Family

Whether its the former players or current stars, Pakistan cricket is full of the blame game. Every now and then, a controversy keeps popping up, diverting everyone’s attention.

These days, everyone is talking about Wasim Akram and his role in match-fixing. While a majority of former cricketers have sided with the Sultan of Swing, some have openly lashed out at him.

After Aamer Sohail and Ata-ur-Rehman, the legendary fast bowler, Sarfaraz Nawaz has also taken a dig at Wasim Akram. Not only has he slammed Akram, he brought his family in the conversation, saying they were a part of a gambling mafia.

Wasim Akram’s family was part of a gambling mafia.

Earlier, Akram had openly praised the former fast bowler, calling him a great of the game and the inventor of reverse swing. Here’s what he said:

If we talk about the greats who have represented Pakistan, the founder of reverse swing Sarfraz Nawaz comes to mind.

While Sarfaraz Nawaz is being criticized for his remarks, former cricketers such as Ata-ur-Rehman and Aamer Sohail have kept no secret of Akram’s involvement in corruption.


Former Fast Bowler Exposes Wasim Akram, Rashid Latif & Aamer Sohail’s Role in Match-Fixing

Ata-ur-Rehman has openly claimed that it was Akram who destroyed his cricket career and that he will not keep quiet about it. Aamer Sohail also bashed the legendary pacer by saying that he made sure Pakistan never won a World Cup after 1992. He was a part of schemes and controversies to dethrone different captains right before the mega-event in 1996, 1999, and 2003.

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    • thats just because you are mian sanp supporter and doesn’t agree politically with imran

        • If he is talking about sports,and saying that imran was not good in sports,then he is wrong and you too are fool..

  • Well, Wasim always bowled suspicious. I’ve the memories afresh of his times when most of his bowling spells used to start with a wide bowl or no-ball. And while he used to bowl great but there was always a chance of a wide bowl or no-ball at a critical stage of the match, when he used to bowl. Despite his magic at bowling, he might be involved in gambling.

  • What Sarfraz Nawaz is saying about Wasim Akram is absolutely true, his brother Nadeem Akram used to be his front man. He used his former late wife and his family back then and escaped from the country lived abroad for few years and came back and after her death he started to get back in cricket as an expert then a commentator by that time like always people has forgotten what had happened. In 1999 world cup final he was the main match fixer and because of than PML government he and Waqar Younis was spared and they left the country, the rest got penalized because they did not had the back up or you can say that much influence in the government.

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