Thief in Karachi Steals Bike from the Same Court That Just Released Him on Bail

Consistency is a great attribute… but maybe not for a criminal. In a shocking incident, a man from Karachi stole a bike from the same court he was granted bail in a robbery case.

As per the reports, he stole the motorcycle from the court’s parking after the hearing of a previous case against him. Although he was released on bail, he tried pulling something of a stunt.



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Though he succeeded in stealing the bike, he has now been arrested again by Karachi Police. The arrest was made by the Anti Vehicle Lifting Cell (AVLC) of the Sindh Police.

The incident has become an instant meme on social media with people sharing their thoughts on the matter. Some are saying that he loves his job and is a true professional.

He definitely is consistent.

The highest level of commitment.

There are other theories as well.

Justice served.

It’s very hot in Karachi these days.

Another interesting proposition.

Not that easy.

Sweet summer child.


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