Huawei to Overtake Samsung as The Biggest Smartphone Maker in The World

The ongoing global pandemic has created as much of a rift in the Smartphone market as much in any other industry. Where many OEMs are massively suffering in terms of smartphone shipments, some have managed to stay afloat.

One of the smartphone manufacturers hit hardest by the pandemic is Samsung. The Korean tech giant is expected to see a decline of 30 percent as far as the device shipments are concerned. Although the increase in demand for Samsung’s memory chips has helped the company, it is not enough to help the tech giant keep its crown that Huawei claimed in April and May.

Currently, mainland China seems to be making a difference for Huawei. Samsung has a 1 percent market share in the region, while Huawei owns 60 percent of the market.

Huawei has already managed to topple Samsung’s Global market throne in the month of April and May. It looks like the company will claim the entire quarter. This is especially impressive considering how the US government has been tightening its claws on the company’s operations in the US market.

In April Huawei, a market share of 21.4 percent where Samsung had a 19.1 percent market share while in May Huawei stood at 19.7 percent, and Samsung was just behind it with a market share of 19.6 percent.

However, according to analysts, the Chinese tech giant will not be able to maintain its position for a long time considering how the lack of Google services is deterring Huawei consumers around the globe.

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