Under-Performing Civil Servants Will Now Be Retired Before They’re 60

The government has asked all ministries to evaluate the performance of civil servants from grade-1 to 19 and retire under-performers before reaching their age of superannuation.

The government will enforce the decision on the back of recently notified “Civil Servants (Directory Retirement from Service) Rules 2020” under which employees can be retired even before the superannuation age, which is 60 years if their performance is not satisfactory.

The ministries and divisions have been asked to provide a list of all civil servants who have completed twenty years of service. The respective Retirement Board and Committees will evaluate their performances.

All ministries are advised to indicate dates by July 31, 2020, on which meetings of the Retirement Committees for civil servants of BS-17 to BS-19 and BS-1 to BS-16 are planned to be held.


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Each ministry and division has already constituted two separate directory retirement committees (DRCs) in this regard.

Ill-Performing Civil Servants Can Now Retire Prematurely

The new rules approved by Prime Minister Imran Khan have formally abolished the protection of 60 years in service. They allow the government to force employees and officers to retire before attaining 60 years of age based on performance.

It says that civil servant will only be recommended for directory retirement under these rules if at least one of the following conditions is fulfilled:

  • If the employee in question has earned average performance evaluation reports (PERs).
  • If three different officers have recorded adverse remarks in three or more PERs during a period not less than six months and have attained finality after appeal there against if any.
  • If the employee has been recommended for suspension twice by the Central Selection Board (CSB), Departmental Selection Board (DSB), or Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC).
  • If the employee has been ignored for promotion twice by the High Powered Selection Board and such recommendations have been approved by the appointing authority.
  • If the employee has been found guilty of corruption or has entered into a plea bargain or voluntary return with the NAB or any other investigating agency.
  • If the employee has been placed in category ‘C’ by the CSB, DSB, or DPC under the Civil Servants Promotion (BPS-18 to BPS-21) Rules, 2019 on more than one occasion, or the employee’s conduct is unbecoming.

  • Why only Civil Servants?. What about the under-performing Politicians and Ministers?. You have more than 50 Ministers and more than 50 advisors. They should be kicked out because of lack of performance. Stop this witch hunting of the CSS officers only. Jaahil Matric fail politicians who are running even the aviation and IT ministry must be shown the door as well.

  • Imran Khan you are a Civil Servant as well. Your ministers are Civil Servants as well. You are answerable to anyone or only the officers of Civil Service are considered Civil Servants?. This rule should apply to you and to your selected ministers as well.

  • Saab ayk hamam ky loog hain. Who is going to give adverse comments against each other . IK does not know how powerful these civil servants are and each has developed relations even marriages have been done among the siblings of the people ( this is equally apply among politicians ).. This cannot be done

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