Pakistan Post’s Revenue Increases by Rs. 7.9 Billion in The Last 2 Years

The revenue of Pakistan Post has witnessed a remarkable increase during the last two years from Rs. 11.7 billion to Rs. 19.6 billion.

The turnaround in the department’s fate is due to new initiatives taken by the present government, and the efforts of the Federal Minister for Postal Services.

Murad Saeed has launched various initiatives in the past two years to increase revenue and introduced innovation in products and services in line with customer choices.


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Speaking about the pathway to success, Director General Pakistan Post Muhammad Akhlaque Rana said that the new initiatives and reforms are aimed at recapturing the lost market and bringing structural and functional modernization in the department.

The emphasis was also to bring structural and functional modernization in PPOD in line with international best practices. The hectic efforts resulted in increase of revenue.

The present government is focused on alleviating poverty, and therefore, wants to extend the National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS) to rural areas.

Pakistan Post has been assigned the task to champion this cause of providing financial products and services’ access to the downtrodden segments of the society, especially in the rural settings.


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Rana said that the department is planning to introduce ATM services, e-commerce platforms, and wants to enhance the base of international and domestic remittances as well through proper banking channels.

The department was in losses during the previous governments and no one was ready to take responsibility, he said, noting that the PTI government worked day in and day out to reform this national asset and restore the nation’s trust in Pakistan Post.

  • Services of pakistan post have also been improved and even the increased charges are three times less than other private companies. But there is still one issue with pakistan post, they delivery man does not call in case of failed delivery (happened to me once). Usually the delivery man finds even the most complicated address but there is still room for improvement.
    Overall I am really impressed by their services if I compare them to the past.

  • Whats the gross income / expenditure and whats the net loss or profit of Pakistan Post?

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