FIA Uncovers a Millionaire Meter Reader in Multan

A low ranked employee of an electricity supply company has made millions from his job, according to a recent investigation against him.

According to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Talib Hussain, a Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) meter reader currently deputed in Rahim Yar Khan, possesses over ten million rupees in one of his bank accounts.


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This is in addition to expensive properties in posh areas of the city that were allegedly bought through illegal sources.

FIA had launched an investigation against Talib as his means of income were not compatible with his living style, an official said.

How come a meter reader in MEPCO buy expensive properties in the city and possess millions in his bank.


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The agency is now preparing to arrest the suspect as his job does not allow him to afford these luxuries.

  • Finally the have arrested some one, its like a single drop of ocean, most of the (70%-80%) of govt employees are corrupt.

    If every pakistani started paying there electric bill properly then there shouldn’t be a proplem of electricity and loadshading.

    • One solution, Just implementation of law on the basis of Equality!
      If have any solution other than that then let me know!

  • Not just politician only, the corrupt and incompetent bureaucracy of Pakistan is real problem of beloved country. Almost we have 95% govt employees were ghost.

  • Talib Hussain is the person whose photograph should be put on the gates of NEPRA for a lesson to be learnt, by his colleagues, with allegations

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