NAB Summons Chief Minister Buzdar for Issuing an Illegal Liquor License

The Nat­ional Accountability Bureau (NAB) has summoned Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar on August 12 for questioning as he allegedly received millions of rupees in bribe to issue a liquor license to a hotel.

As per the accusation, Buzdar allegedly received Rs. 50 million from the hotel owner and forced the Excise and Taxa­tion Department to issue his hotel a license to sell liquor.

Usman Buzdar is often criticized by multiple notable people for his ‘inability’ to govern the country’s most populated province. He was recently accused of systematic corruption from a renowned news anchor who claimed to have all the proof against him. Buzdar in return filed a defamation suit against him.


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He now faces another fiasco as the accountability watchdog wants the chief minister to appear before a joint investigation team at its provincial headquarter near Thokar Niaz Baig. CM Buzdar has been asked to come with the relevant record of approval of the liquor license.

As per sources familiar with the development, an under-construction hotel near the Lahore airport had applied for an L-2 liquor license without fulfilling the pre-requisites. As per CM Policy 2009, the hotel requires registration and license from the Department of Tourist Services Punjab, under the Pakistan Hotels and Resta­urant Act 1976 and the Rules 1977, with a 4/5 star rating. As it did not meet the required criteria, the Excise Department turned down the request.


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A few months later, it was revealed that the Excise Department had granted the license to the hotel going against the CM Policy 2009.

The most glaring aspect of this violation is that the Excise and Taxation Department had referred the matter to CM Buzdar terming the approval against the CM Policy 2009 but it (department) was ordered (by the CM office) to issue the license to the hotel in question whose owner happens to be an influential person.

The news went viral on the internet, only to be denied by the provincial authorities.


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The source continued that despite being aware of the sensitivity of the matter the chief minister office did not prevent the issuance of the L-2 license to the hotel.

  • Usman Buzdar is the choice of my leader Imran Khan. He is the best man who can govern Punjab in the best manner. NAB is just playing in the hands of Patwaris and nothing else. Imran Khan’s decision cannot be wrong and we must stand against any injustice against a Baloch CM of Punjab. Punjabis are doing discrimination against Buzdar as he is not a Punjabi.

    • Yeah Right! I use to think about him the same, but now as his karnamay are being unfold, you’ll know what kind of wolf in a sheep skin he is. Shobaz sharif ka bhi baap hai yeh.

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  • One thing is not understandable. WE are a Muslim country. Our country name is Islamic Republic of Pakistan. They Why all these liquor licenses at the first place issued. A lot of time Hindu and Christian communities have openly pointed out that Liquor is also prohibited in their religion. Then for whom these liquor are meant for. I must say that the NAB and other governments agencies must come up with a proposal to cancel all such licenses and ban all the liquor trade in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The people at the helm of the affairs should take immediate action for the cancellation all such licenses and ban on all the liquor trade . CM Policy 2009 for the issuance of Licenses must be revoked and take action against those who approved such policies which are against our religion and our country interest

    • Hundreds and thousands of foreign travellers visit Pakistan every year. If all Arab countries except one are selling liquor to everyone then what is problem in selling liquor in Pakistan. Atleast we are better in terms of law as it’s illegal for Muslim to buy, now if still Muslim buys it then that person is doing it discreetly and fear of getting caught is always there whereas you land on Dubai airport and buy as much as you can regardless of your religion. So stop behaving like a fool and keep your useless suggestions with you only

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