Faysal Bank Mandates Hijab and ‘Loose Dresses’ for All Female Employees

Faysal Bank has made it compulsory to wear hijab and dresses with loose-fitting for its female employees under its new dress code.

The order issued earlier this week by the Faysal Bank head office asks its female employees to wear modest dresses as ‘it is a cultural requirement.’

All female employees should dress elegantly with cultural norms that are shalwar kameez, kurta suit, or any modest dressing.


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The female staff has been advised to wear shoes or formal flat heels.

All the female staff in the Islamic Banking Group that Head Office and Islamic Branches (existing and new) are required to wear Hijab while on duty, training, and clients’ visits, as required by Islamic injunction.

Adherence to this dress code is mandatory and shall apply to regular employees and internees alike. It will also be communicated to new candidates during the interview sessions.


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Moreover, women would also have to show discretion in their selection of makeup and jewelry.

On the other hand, male employees have been directed to wear suits or dress trousers, dress shirts, suit jackets (obligatory for VP and above, optional for the rest), necktie, and dress shoes in the office.

Shalwar kameez with a formal waistcoat or sherwani is also allowed. Employees facing customers in branches open on Saturdays shall also follow this code from Monday through Saturday.

According to the bank, the code of conduct is designed to guide the personal business ethics of all and applies to every employee of Faysal Bank. The bank also plans to bind other persons performing services for it by contract or agreement.

  • So men are required to wear western clothing ( suit and tie) but Islam is in danger because of the women dressing?. Implement same rules for men and women. If women are required to wear easterj clothing then why men are required to wear western clothing?.

    • Come on, I (man) work in corporate sector have to wear business formal 4 out of 5 days a week, so do millions of other men like me. Did u ever hear them complain they are being forced to wear Christian/ Western/ unIslamic dress code??? We all understand as this is corporate practice to require their employees to follow a dress code for many reasons including: business norm, client retirement, social requirements and so on. Why only when it comes to Women following their religion prescribed dress code in Islam causes pain to people like u?

      • You are not being forced to wear a “religion prescribed dress code”, so your comparison doesn’t work. According to what you are saying, women should then simply be told to wear “business formal 4 out of 5 days”.

          • No one is more obsessed about hijab than you Pakistanis. No wonder Pakistani women in the West are free from this garbage society

  • So wearing hijab is mandatory by force? So if the opposite is done in a western country for the removal of hijab why do you all start crying?

    • Because wearing hijab is mandated by religion so giving a person the right to exercise his religion is part of the so called freedom west holds sacred. So no, you’re argument does not hold u can’t take away thre freedom from someone to practice their religion that’s where it becomes wrong.

    • I agree to some extent with you, however your your comparison is wrong. Western countries claim to be secular and upholding individual choice. Pakistan has never made such claims. Pakistan is an Islamic country and individual choice is restricted within limits.

      • Restrictions only apply to women in your culture. This is why Pakistani women in the West are free and safe from your absurd backwards culture.

        • We are not talking about the general culture here. We are talking about Faysal bank’s policy. And in their policy, there are some restrictions imposed on men as well, such as they can’t wear jeans.

      • Um no, you don’t live in the West. You are a fake account siding with these fools in the comments who want to force arab culture on women.

      • The only ones who “cry” are you people who are obsessed about hijab. No wonder you are a failed state.

    • If u don’t like this initiative take ur business somewhere else, don’t practice Islam yourself, but u don’t have the right to troll those who decide to practice their religion.

    • I hope u ask the same question when they single out Muslim women to ban their religious right to cover them in the west by banning veil, scarf and hijab? Did u ever ask then, what’s next, forced conversion of Muslims to Christians/ Atheists/..?

  • Tomorrow they will open bank accounts for citizens who adhere to such dress code.

  • Western dress pehnlengay lekin islamic dress code follow krne mein masla hai. Good initiative by Faysal Bank.

    • Arab dress has no place in Pakistani culture.
      And what were these female workers wearing before this stupid rule came?

      No wonder Pakistani women in the West are free from this absurd mentality.

  • We salute the authorities who decided to make hijab and loose dresses mandatory. Looking forward to hear same policy from GOP for all public/ Pvt offices including electronic and print media and fashion industry.

  • Great Step….Indeed❣️ Islam preaches and keep a strong emphasis on Modesty as many of the Quranic Verses Indicate❣️

  • Alhamd u LILLAH…. Wise decision. Women were enforcing by bosses and so called western culture to wear vulgar tight dress.

    Now, its freedom. They can work in respectable environment. Now skills will highlight (before appealing and trying to attract the clients with body posture).

    • So were these women in the bank wearing western vulgar dresses before?

      No wonder Pakistani women in the West are free and safe from this absurd culture of yours.

    • I thought it’s the so called religion of peace and never enforced. What has religion given to this country in 70 years apart from violence and sectarianism?

    • Islam for you Pakistanis only revolves around women. This is why you are a failed state. This is why Pakistani women in the West are free and sage from your culture.

  • It’s a great decision from fasyal bank of pakistan.I really appreciate as such as organization.

  • Have they stopped taking interest as well?
    Hypocrisy at its finest in the land of pure…

    • YEs, they are converting their 100% business to shariah compliant banking.

      • Islamic banking is just bull crap. It’s a sugar coated term to satisfy egos of mad mullahs and idiots like u. Everything works the same.

  • Well done Faysal Bank.
    The people in the comments that are having a problem with the new dress code, get over it. We are a Muslim nation, stop looking at what the West is doing or not Doing regarding Islamic Ethics. You are the same people that expect women to show their bodies through the attire they wear and the women that oppose the new hijab dress code are the same women that say ‘mera jism meri marzi’ but when they get raped they point fingers everywhere. If you want to expose yourself like a bitch then please leave Pakistan and go to another country. I wish Pakistan makes Hijab and loose clothing Madatory for every female in Pakistan

    • Your mind is sick. You need to control women to protect them against rape. You are a hypocrit. Women in Pakistan get raped regartheless of what they are wearing. Many do and the men still blame them. So basically you are saying that you, men, are animals, no control over your thoughts? So you see a bit of skin in a woman and you rape her? Wow, i think men are better than that. Your rules are a farce, Islam is a beautiful religion but your man_made rules are sick.

    • So this guy represents the mentality of most men in this country when they see a woman. Sambalta nae hai to kaat lay bhai lol

  • Does the bank have nothing else to worry about but what their staff is wearing . Whoever’s bright idea this is, obviously has a bad niyat, concentrate on improving your service .,

    • Faysal bank is converting to a 100% islamic bank. All banking would be shariah compliant. This dress code is one piece of a big picture.

  • Wah sharia law implementation by force, zabardast. And what about eyes and heart which is actual cause of sin, our you going to take that out as well??? I suggest you should also implement law that all male staff should wear Arabia type robe Kurt’s and 8inch long beard with prayer cap on thier heads. Pta chaley tabdli aie hy na. Good job hahaha

  • Medievalism at its very best. Only directing women to follow a certain ‘modest’ dress code ans then they cry Islamophobia when such archaic doctrines are brought to scrutiny.

      • Hardly any Pakistani woman in the West wears hijab. She is free and safe from your backwards culture

        • You mentioned, “Islam don’t interfere in the personal matters but gave only guide lines.”. I asked is you can give any reference to support this.

          • It doesn’t matter what islam days. Your backwards culture is obsessed with pardah. That is why you are a failed state. That is why Pakistani women in the West are so much free and safe.

  • I love this idea. Dont like the rules find a different job. That is what I am told in the west while trying to wear hijab at work. Can’t have it both ways. People need to either be accepting or not accepting across the board

  • یقین کریں فیصل بینک کے اس زبردست اقدام کے بعد فیصل بینک سے پیار ہو گیا ہے۔ سوچ رہا ہوں کہ آج ہی فیصل بینک میں اکاؤنٹ کھول لوں۔

  • FYI Before starting a debate, please read the news carefully.
    It says that all females can dress elegantly according to cultural norms however females of Islamic banking need to wear hijab. I think that’s totally fare, Islamic bank should comply with Islamic teachings.

      • islam force kerwana ghalat nahi hai. kis ne kaha it is uncivilized? namaz tk ko forcefullty parhanay ka hukm hai wo alag bat hai ab aisay nahi hota. achi cheez kisi ke uper force ki jaye to koi hurj nahi hota. apka mind -ve hai

        • Forcing stupid arab culture on women is wrong. Every single Pakistani woman in the West is without hijab. She lives a much safer and happier life.

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