Proton Addresses X70’s Booking Issues in a Public Statement

In a recent update, Al-Haj Proton has issued a public announcement to address the reservations about their booking mechanism. The interested customers are having trouble submitting a booking request for the new Proton X70.

In response to these reservations, the automaker has issued the following statement:

In the statement, the management has provided the contact numbers of three of their main branches, namely, Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. The automaker has also assured the customers that they condemn the authorized dealers asking for unjustified premiums or “On Money” upon the booking of the X70, and stern disciplinary action shall be taken against the dealerships found guilty.


Proton X70 SUV Officially Launched in Pakistan With Premium Features and Cut-Throat Price

It is currently unknown whether the technical hiccup has been resolved, therefore, the complaint registration numbers should also guide the customers regarding the proper procedure of booking the X70 SUV.

The vehicle made its official debut on December 18, 2020, via a Facebook video stream. The X70 is a compact crossover SUV, set to compete against Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson, MG HS, and DFSK Glory 580. Among all of the aforementioned SUVs, the X70 has the most safety and convenience features – second perhaps to the MG HS – and the cheapest All-Wheel Drive variant.

However, most owners are not so keen on taking such vehicles off-road, which implies that the rivalry between all five of the aforementioned SUVs is fairly tight, with DFSK Glory 580 having an advantage in terms of price.

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  • I have serious complaints and submitted my pay order on 19th morning got it back today 23rd, released on 22. You are asking to complain on same numbers where dealers are making aal the problems. Give us head office, director marketing or CEO emails to lodge a proper case.

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