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Muhammad Asif Claims Pakistan Cricket Team is Selected by a PTI Senator

Pakistan fast bowler, Mohammad Asif, has made serious allegations against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Senator, Faisal Javed.

While speaking on a YouTube Channel, Asif claimed that none of the selectors or coaches have any input in the selection of the Pakistan cricket team, rather it is handpicked by Senator Faisal Javed who is a close aide of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Asif went on to make harsh comments against senior players currently working in coaching roles with the national team. He said that Waqar Younis, Misbah-ul-Haq, and Younis Khan are great players but not good coaches.

This team is not picked by Waqar, Younus or Misbah, it is selected by Faisal Javed Khan. As players, Misbah, Waqar, and Younus were good but they are pathetic as coaches.


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The ‘magician’ fast-bowler said that coaching is a science, which our coaches are unaware of. He claimed that Misbah and Waqar duo will fail after the next couple of series and the coaching setup will be changed again.

Faisal Rejects the Accusation

Meanwhile, Senator Faisal Javed has rubbished Asif’s claim, saying he has no idea why Asif leveled such allegations against him.

These allegations are absolutely baseless. I have no interaction with Misbah or any other official of the board. Whatever decision they take is their own and they are responsible for it. Our government has empowered the board completely and do not meddle in their business.


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He maintained that Misbah is the most empowered PCB official, and responsible for the selection and everything that follows.

Javed noted that he has been doing cricket commentary for 15 years, and offers his suggestions and advice to the board on social media and radio just like any other cricket aficionado.

Interestingly, the board always does the opposite.

He said Asif’s comments were as shocking for him as for anybody else and said he has no knowledge of why the fast-bowler made such allegations.

  • Unfortunately I tend to agree. One has to know why Sarfaraz was removed from captain ship as he decided to go against Imran wishes to bat first to name just one instance, although there are many more

  • آصف کا یہ کمنٹ اچھا نہیں لگ رہا شاید سستی چرس کا اثر ہے. لیکن ایک حد تک بات ٹھیک بھی ہے لیکن اس میں فیصل جاوید کا مجھے ہاتھ نظر نہیں آتا کیونکہ اس الزام میں کوئی لاجک نہیں ہے کوئی ثبوت نہیں ہے. البتہ مصباح جیسا دنیا کا ایوارڈ یافتہ سست آدمی کوچ ہو گا تو ٹیم کی یہی حالت ہو گی. بورڈ جو چاہتا تھا شاید انہوں نے ویسی ہی بچوں جیسی سب چھوٹے چھوٹے قد والی ٹیم تشکیل دیدی ہے. جو سکول کے سکاءوٹس نظر آتے ہیں اور جو مصباح جیسے استاد کے آگے بات بھی نہیں کر سکتے اور چیئرمین بورڈ جیسے پرنسپل کے آگے تو آنکھیں بھی نہیں اٹھا سکیں گے. آج میچ دیکھ کر ایسا لگا جیسے پاکستانی بچوں کی کوئی ٹیم کسی بہت بڑے لڑکوں سے کھیل رہی ہے. گراونڈ میں پاکستانی کھلاڑیوں اور نیوزی لینڈ کے کھلاڑیوں کے قد ہی دیکھ لیں ہمارے سب ان کے سامنے بچے نظر آتے ہیں. اللہ عمران خان کو ان حرامی چور سیاست دانوں سے نمٹ کر فراغت دے اور پھر خان پاکستان کرکٹ پر تھوڑی توجہ دے تو ہماری کرکٹ بہتر ہو گی ورنہ پھر اس ملک اور اس کرکٹ ٹیم کا اللہ ہی حافظ ہے اور مریم نواز 420 کو کرکٹ بورڈ کا چیرمین بنا دو اور ملا فضل ڈیزل کو اس ٹیم کا کوچ بنا دو اور مزے کرو.

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