PM Imran Announces Health Insurance for Every Citizen of Punjab

Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has declared that every citizen of Punjab will receive health insurance by the end of this year.

The PM launched the Kamyab Kisan program during his day-long visit to Sahiwal to equip farmers with technical and financial assistance. He also announced Rs. 750,000 worth of health insurance for the residents of Sahiwal during the visit, and remarked that even developed nations do not have universal health coverage.


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The PM announced that the government has picked a location to establish an industrial zone in Sahiwal and that youngsters will be hired for the industrial estate.

“For Sahiwal’s people, the most important requirement is an improved communication system. The government will prioritize the matter for road constructions in accordance with the Sahiwal’s need,” he stated.

PM Khan also revealed that the government is drafting a long-term policy for the agricultural sector and that it has been included in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project.


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He termed the initiatives taken by his government, including the Ehsaas and Kamyab Jawan programs, as a ‘step to provide relief to the poor people’.

He added that the government is currently working to improve the country’s education system via the introduction of a uniform curriculum.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is going to introduce a new local government system in which the powers will be transferred to the grassroots level. [LG] elections will be held this year and under the new local government system, and people will get their issues resolved while staying at their homes.

  • Shayad isi liye petrol mehnga kiya hy. koi aur banda Lao is say mulk ni chaley ga bhai daikh lena. Ghareeb ghareeb pehlay bhi Mar raha tha aur ab bhi kuchla ja raha hy. Haan kuch log ab multi story flats dhara dhar bana rahy hyn, luxury gariyan khareed rahy hyn

    • At least he is not stealing taxe money but investing for pakistani, that’s how a lot of countries in the world works, and look at all the other 11 political parties all together with the thief shareef familily gathered in Lahore. Panama papers you forget ?
      Hope Imran Khan will stay for 20 years.

  • Despite the density of population the least tax paying province getting maximum benefit .
    What about sind Mr PM . Your focus is lop sidded

    • Just a friendly reminder to all our friends that seem to have forgotten about the announcement made by the PM in Sept 20 for Rs1.1 trillion investment package for Karachi.

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