You Can Now Go to Jail For Disrespecting Pakistan Army

A bill to make amendments to the Pakistan Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure 1898 has been approved by the National Assembly Standing Committee on Interior to take action against those who intentionally disrespect the armed forces.

According to the Criminal Law Amendment Bill 2020, anyone intentionally ridiculing the forces can be imprisoned for up to two years or fined up to Rs. 500,000, or both.

PTI MNA, Amjid Ali Khan, introduced the bill, after which it was approved by the NA Committee on Interior on Wednesday.


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The bill has proposed changes to Section 500 of the Pakistan Penal Code which presently states:

Whoever defames another shall be punished with simple imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both.

The amendment, which shall be called ‘Section 500-A’, states:

“Punishment for intentional ridiculing of the Armed Forces, etc. Whosoever intentionally ridicules, brings into disrepute, or defames the Armed Forces of Pakistan or a member thereof, he shall be guilty of an offense punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years, or fine which may extend to five hundred thousand rupees, or with both”.


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The bill had been opposed by the lawmaker Agha Rafiullah of the Pakistan Peoples Party and the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz legislator, Maryam Aurangzeb, but was approved with five against four votes.

  • ‏افواج پاکستان کا تمسخر اڑانے پر جیل ہو گی، اور آئین معطل کرنے پر تمغے ملیں گے۔

  • لوگوں کو غلط معلومات مت دو، یہ اب تک صرف
    سٹینڈنگ کمیٹی تک ھی ھے پارلیمنٹ سے منظور نہیں ھوا نہ انشاء اللہ ھوگا. اس لیے یہ قانون نہیں بنا تو جیل کون جا رھا. جو بدمعاش ھیں وہ عوام کو ویسے ھی اٹھا لیتے ھیں اور ملک سے باھر کمپنیاں اور اولاد کیلئے دولت اپنی نوکری کے وقت سے ھی بنا لیتے ھیں.

    • You are right. But to be fair, you should also look at SOME civilians, like the ones in the protests. Look, it is fine to protest, but it is not fine to stop all cars in a road for 3 hours…koi urgency bhee to hoti hai na

  • What will be the disrespecting definition?
    and which forces will be considered under this law?

    For me disrespecting is an one side and crtisisam is different thing when such things will happen people or authorities will miss use of this law. How it will ensure some one will not miss use the authorities?

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