Pakistani Passport Ranked Among the Worst in the World in Henley Index 2021

The Henley Passport Index has ranked the passports of 110 countries on the basis of the number of destinations their holders can visit without obtaining a visa prior to travel, with information from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The Pakistani passport has been ranked at 107th out of 110 countries, offering its holders visa-free access to 32 countries.

The ranking has placed Japan in the number one spot on the index without taking into consideration the temporary and constantly changing COVID-19 travel restrictions. Theoretically, Japanese passport holders have access to 193 destinations around the world without a visa.

Singapore has been ranked second, followed by Germany and South Korea sharing third place.

Henley & Partners, the UK-based citizenship consultancy behind the index, said in a statement,

With extensive travel restrictions still in place globally, any level of international travel freedom remains theoretical.


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Top Ten Passports

Ranking Countries Visa-Free Access to Countries
1 Japan 193
2 Singapore 192
3 Germany, South Korea 191
4 Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain 190
5 Austria, Denmark 189
6 France, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden 188
7 Belgium, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States 187
8  Czech Republic, Greece, Malta, Norway 186
9 Australia, Canada 185
10 Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia 183



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10 Worst Passports

Ranking Countries Visa-Free Access to Countries
102 North Korea 39
103 Nepal 38
104 Palestine Territories 37
105 Somalia 34
106 Yemen 33
107 Pakistan 32
108 Syria 29
109 Iraq 28
110 Afghanistan 26

  • When Imran Khan claims that he is leading a successful foreign policy and then these result.
    I wonder whether Imran Khan is in denial mode or the entire nation.

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