Cabinet to Review Amnesty Scheme for Foreigners Tomorrow

The federal Cabinet will meet tomorrow to review and possibly promulgate the Ministry of Interior’s proposed amnesty scheme for overstaying foreigners.

A 14-point agenda that is available with ProPakistani indicates that the meeting will be convened with Prime Minister Imran Khan in the chair to discuss concerns related to domestic, political, economic, and related situations, as well as the amnesty scheme for foreigners residing in Pakistan and their repatriation.

The participants will address the issue of the delay in the imports of vehicles by overseas Pakistanis, upon the request of the Ministry of Commerce.

As mentioned above, a summary of an amnesty program for foreigners will be presented in the meeting, and the proposed Interfaith Harmony Policy will also be submitted for ratification. The attendees of the meeting will consider proposals for modifications to the Rules of Business and the appointment of a Chief Executive Officer for Kissan Support Services Pvt. Limited (KSSL) as per the agenda.

Moreover, an audit of the First Women Bank is also on the agenda, as is the notification of the appointment of a competent person under the Pakistan Essential Services Act.

Additionally, a summary of Pakistan’s involvement in the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (UNTOC) will be presented at the meeting.

The Cabinet is also scheduled to discuss the formation of the Pakistan Railways Freight Transportation Company’s Board of Directors. Other miscellaneous items for tomorrow’s meeting include an audit of the regulatory authority issues by the Auditor General of Pakistan, an annual report for 2020-21 by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), and the State of Industry Report 2021.