Govt Goes After Two More Restaurants in Margalla Hills

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of Pakistan has issued notices to two restaurants, namely, La Montana and Gloria Jeans, ordering them to immediately stop operating in the Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP).

Notices issued under section 16 (2) of EPA Act 1997 directed both restaurants to stop all operational activities immediately and close all entry and exit gates. They have also been directed to shift their belongings from the sites at the earliest. The Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) will take possession of both restaurants after one month.

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has also ordered the Islamabad administration to take necessary steps to stop further environmental degradation in the MHNP. During personal hearings, representatives of both restaurants failed to provide any justification, documents, or any other record in the case.

On 11 January this year, Chief Justice (CJ) IHC, Justice Athar Minallah had ordered to seal the Monal Restaurant. Earlier this month, IWMB took possession of the Monal Restaurant. Now, notices have been served to two more restaurants present in MHNP to stop all operational activities immediately.


  • پورے اسلام اباد کو ہی ختم کر دینا انوائرمنٹ کو بچانے کا بہترین فیصلہ ہوسکتا ہے۔۔
    جہاں جہاں یہ حضرت انسان پہنچتا ہے اس جگہ کی قدرتی خوبصورتی کو اجاگر کرنے کی بجائے اپنی پسند نہ پسند سے تباہی کے دھانے پر لے جاتا ہے, خاص طور پر طاقتور پڑھے لکھے جاھلوں کی وجہ سے۔۔۔

  • While we’re at it, let’s vacate Islamabad for the good of the ever degrading natural environment it was built over so many decades ago, lol.

  • Typical Pakistani mentality, “Na rahay ka bans na bajay gi bansuri”. Since the authorities know they can’t do their own job, they always choose to put restrictions on people so that they don’t have to perform their duties.
    Why not enforce better environmental standards on these locations, rather than shutting them down? And also where was the EPA when these restaurants were first constructed? Who approved the projects? Why have they not been punished for allowing the construction of the restaurants in the first place? Why only punish the owners?
    The govt. authorities are given hard earned public money to do their jobs, but always let go free. This is selective justice at its best!

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