CNG Prices in KP Increase by Rs. 5/kg

Gas filling stations have announced an Rs. 5/kg increase in the cost of CNG in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, bringing the price of CNG up to Rs. 175/kg. The price has been increased on account of rising backup energy costs.

All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) Chairman, Ghias Paracha, stated that the filling station owners have no choice but to rely on diesel as backup energy amid prolonged load-shedding spells. Speculations suggest that owing to a recent increase in diesel prices, the CNG rate had to be increased.

Recently, the All Pakistan CNG Association proclaimed that it will provide 45% cheaper fuel to the masses with the government’s assistance. Paracha said in a statement that the government should focus on the use of CNG like other countries, adding that it would immediately reduce the import bill.

He argued that adapting to CNG would be in favor of both the government and the people as it will not only lower the import bill but also reduce the impact of petrol on the environment. Pakistan already has infrastructure for CNG supply, which would aid in the adaption of CNG.