PM Shehbaz Abolishes One-Time Password System at Utility Stores

Keeping in view the plight of the public, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has abolished the One-Time Password (OTP) System used for purchases at utility stores.

Original ID cards will now have to be shown at the counter for purchasing subsidized items at utility stores. The photocopy requirement has also been removed. Now customers will receive a confirmation SMS on their registered mobile number after the purchase from utility stores.

The Utility Stores Corporation (USC) is pursuing a strategy of transparent transfer of federal government subsidies to the real beneficiaries. USC is also increasing the number of PoS counters at every supermarket store and mini-market in Lahore and Islamabad under the direction of the premier.

All zonal managers have been urged to contact all the Deputy Commissioners of Punjab and Islamabad for providing water coolers, tents, chairs, and fans to the customers at the utility stores. Tents and water supply are already in place and orders have been issued to further improve them.

Under the federal government subsidy, sugar is available at utility stores at Rs. 70 per kg, ghee at Rs. 300 per kg and a 10 kg bag of flour at Rs. 400 at all utility stores across the country.

Rice and pulses are also being subsidized. In addition, more than 1,500 standard items are available at a much lower price than the market.

  • The level of hardship that people suffer at the hands of Utilities stores employees is unbelievable. People old, young, men and women stand in lines of 100 people for a bag of sugar or ghee in scorching heat with the rude staff of utilities stores is a sight that is becoming common more and more. What the govt needs to do is that put up a customer care unit that does rounds every day to these stores and in case they find rude staff, extra long lines, slow wokers, fire the whole staff of that store immediately with their pays and benefits revoked.

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