Exclusive Highlights of Pakistan Auto Show 2022 [Photos]

As always, Pakistan Auto Show (PAS) 2022 was packed with interesting prospects and a large number of people.

The event took place in Lahore Expo Center and saw participation from major automotive players including Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC), Honda Atlas Cars Limited (HACL), Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC), Morris Garages (MG), Sazgar Engineering Works Limited (SEWL), along with several electric vehicle (EV) startups, and parts manufacturers.

It was a three-day-long event that featured the following highlights:


Pak Suzuki Motor Company’s (PSMC) enticing lineup of new cars garnered great interest from the public. The new cars included:

Wagon R Hybrid — A 660cc K-car with a mild hybrid powertrain, several modern features, and a claimed fuel economy of over 30 kilometers per liter.

Wagon R Stingray Hybrid — Same as the Wagon R hybrid but with a different front fascia and more features.

XL 7 — A compact seven-seater crossover SUV with a naturally aspirated 1.5-liter engine, that is a direct competitor of the Honda BR-V.

Hustler — A K-segment hybrid crossover that features the same 66occ engine, different features, and the option of all-wheel drive.

Ertiga — A multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) with the same powertrain as XL 7, seven seats, and advanced features.

Xbee (Pronounced Crosby) Hybrid — A Hustler-lookalike sub-compact crossover SUV with a turbocharged engine paired with a mild-hybrid system.

Every — A K-segment 660cc van that is a successor to Suzuki Bolan.

GSX 125 — A 125cc bike that is a direct competitor to Yamaha YBR 125 and Honda CB 125F.

When asked about the launch of these models, PSMC replied that the company is currently gathering public opinion around these bikes and cars. This implies that these products won’t be arriving in Pakistan anytime soon.


The other automaker to get significant attention was MG, with its unique stage that featured the company’s local lineup and a few new cars. With the exception of MG HS, HS PHEV, and ZS, the new cars included:

MG GT — A compact sedan with sporty looks and modern features. It is a competitor to Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra, and Toyota Corolla

MG Marvel R — A premium, all-electric crossover SUV that competes with Tesla Model S. The SUV has two electric motors and a host of modern features.

Other Automakers

Toyota IMC had displayed their localization progress in Pakistan, and the new Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid. The latter connotated the company’s move toward local manufacturing of Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) in Pakistan.

HACL had placed the latest Civic Turbo RS and a 6th-generation Honda City 1.5 Aspire on display. The company also teased the impending launch of an all-new Honda HR-V in Pakistan.


SEWL had displayed Haval Jolion, H6, and BAIC BJ40 Plus, which garnered the attention of several car enthusiasts.

EV Startups and Parts Makers

The auto show witnessed participation from various EV startups. Up-and-comers such as YES Electromotive, Mode Mobility, Jolta Electric, and GUGU Motors, etc. received appreciation from the public.

MUVA Electric Rickshaws

Several parts markers also showcased locally manufactured parts in the event. The parts included various drivetrain components, chassis components, suspension components, braking system parts, etc.


While the aforementioned automakers got plenty of attention, there were certain big names missing from the event.

Lucky Motor Corporation (Kia and Peugeot), Hyundai Nishat Motors, Al-Haj Automotive (Proton), Regal Motors (Prince and DFSK), Master Changan Motors, United Motors, and Ghandhara Nissan Limited (Chery), etc. were absent.

This is an interesting development as most of these automakers — by virtue of being new entrants — had great interest from the audience. Several audience members were actively waiting for the new automakers to showcase their prospects, ProPakistani learned during the event.

However, with PAS 2022 concluded, car enthusiasts eagerly await next year’s event and the surprises that it may entail.