Italian Airline to Start Flights in Pakistan

An Italian airline named Neos has announced that it will operate four charter flights from Milan to Lahore, marking the start of its flight operations in Pakistan.

A one-way ticket from Lahore to Milan will cost 400 euros. Neos will operate two flights per month from Lahore airport.

On the other hand, SalamAir, an Oman-based airline, has moved its flight schedule to Lahore airport due to the closure of Sialkot airport.

Effective immediately until December 20, SalamAir will operate its Musqat-bound flights from Lahore airport. The Lahore airport administration has made all necessary arrangements for this change.

Earlier this week, International Air Transport Association (IATA) revealed that airlines are expected to make profits next year for the first time since 2019 when the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged the travel industry.

According to IATA, airlines will make $4.7 billion in net profits by 2023 after cutting their losses. It is still a far cry from the $26.4 billion profit that the industry reported in 2019 before the viral disease caused countries to enact travel restrictions.

  • It is recommended that these airlines partner with a local airline like FlyJinnah, which was founded with the help of AirArabia. They can gain access to our domestic routes and airports’ private lounges via their partner or subsidiary. If there is a need to increase the number of flights, to and from their nation for Pakistani expats, this model will also help them increase their business. It will also bring down the costs if there’s an increase in the number of flights in any given route. There are apparently 4 airlines in the pipeline ready to start operations. The Americans, I mean the Indians, I mean USA, USA, USA! Actually, I mean the Indians (not red Indians, the brown smellier curry version). Yes I am sure, I mean the Americans, no wait, I said the Indians. What’s the difference, anyway? So, whoever they are, recently stole FlyJinnah’s idea and got America’s Hong Kong, known as Singapore, to partner with AirIndia. The British had Hong Kong so to be clear, Hong Kong isn’t America’s Hong Kong. Singapore is. While that’s IP theft like the Will Smith punch, we must react the same as we did then. Go berserk all over the country but this time, since it’s the aviation industry and has a more global or regional focus, we have to go berserk with the help of foreign brands and businesses. We must, therefore, follow the model that helped expand the number of media channels in Pakistan. Let everyone start an airline with any foreign airline. No preconditions. Just have the Civil Aviation Authority oversee everything diligently and mandate businesses to follow our strict guidelines. The pilots’ scandal wasn’t a scandal. It only proved how strict we are and should be. Tickets booking apps have already become very successful. There were complaints about these apps being slow in our railways. Let’s hope that’s resolved.

  • I think it’s doing a job very well and Pakistani enjoy this service thanks for NEOS AIR

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