NAB Launches Corruption Probe in Galiyat’s Chairlift, Zip Line and Other Projects

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has initiated an inquiry into suspected Galiyat Development Authority’s (GDA) malpractices such as the awarding of a contract for the construction of the Ayubia chairlift, kickbacks in the master plan, and enabling the transfer of the two-acre valuable Hilda Estate site at Dunga Gali.

NAB has directed that the Director General (DG) of GDA to deliver a complete report with supporting documents, rules, and regulations by 25 January.

According to the details, the complete list of accusations made includes malpractices in the outsourcing of land for parking plazas; awarding of the contract of Ayubia Chairlift to Monal group; authorization for the installation of zip lines at Nathiagali; the implication of Rs. 25 million bribes in the allotment of 11 Kanal lands at Changla Gali for camper pods; and illegal allocation of 300 Kanal lands at Thandiani for 99 years.

DG GDA Khalid Mehmood has verified obtaining the NAB letter and responded with appropriate data to all complaints raised against the department.

He clarified that the allotment of land for the parking plaza was a flagship project of GDA to address Galiyat’s traffic issues in light of the growing number of tourists and that the Ayubia Chairlift controversy began when GDA leased out 110 Kanal lands to M/s Monal Group for 42 years contract for the installation of the new chairlift at Ayubia, in contravention of the expression of interest for public-private partnership.

However, the DG said unequivocally that the chairlift award had previously been pronounced legitimate by the NAB and the Peshawar High Court.

He further indicated that the zip line was constructed after due process and that administration was delegated to a business with extensive expertise. He further asserted that no land was allotted for this project, that it was carried out to give amusement to visitors, and that the GDA was receiving rent from it, with no loss to the government.

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