Mobile Internet Services Shut Down in Major Cities Across Pakistan [Updated]

Mobile internet services have been shut down in many cities across Pakistan.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) told ProPakistani that internet services have been suspended for an indefinite period across the country.

The disruption in services emerged on Tuesday as protests erupted after the arrest of former prime minister Imran Khan. The situation has persisted and shows no signs of cooling off.

Mobile users have reported disruption in services in many cities including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi. Service disruption has been reported on all leading mobile networks in the country.

According to an official of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the mobile broadband services were suspended on the directions of the Ministry of Interior.

  • Very Good Joker IK Balti coward has been arrested for extreme corruption

    • Good luck with securing your future. This is the reason why people like you are called ‘People of the third world.”

    • Likes and dislikes on your comments shows two third majority. You must understand where the nation is heading to.

    • I see you have not opened your eyes and learnt better ways for your country. It is best to keep quiet and learn if you have no world experience to compare your countries current political environment with. Your country will not exist soon if it continues the way it is. How proud will you be then? How much will you love your precious government then? Democracy will reign soon for PK, and you will reap the benefits because everyone wins in a democratic society – even haters like you.

  • Yes unfortunately , he robbed the nation of its democracy, wealth and freedom. I wish the current government will let your kids thrive in this environment. You will have a safe country with prosperity and your future will be bright. Best of luck.

  • Pakistan is the number one uncivilized, corrupted and disgraceful country in the world ! What a shame!

    • Uncivilized you say? Then the British are more civilized in your eyes then perhaps they can come and “civilize” us if you know what I am saying. I must say that you are correct on the corrupted part. Anddd disgraceful?! Lol if you are from Pakistan like me than you can call yourself a disgrace to this nation. The people in my country are more than capable of achieving big goals. And they have achieved them too if you open your eyes. Thanks!

  • Интернет Каб Схалай Га ?
    Бхаи лог куч Батооооо ?

  • One of the worst, corrupt countries in the world, that’s the reason this country has never flourished. They arrested the wrong person, once again the greedy ones are safe.

  • Yeah lets be honest Pakistan is a good country just the people there are corrupt and stupid. I believe IK is a good leader just the civillians in that country are selfish are tufaced.

  • Changing the prime minister will be the truth. We have to change our thinking. Then nothing will happen. Our country is ruined. It is happening because of our mouths. People who eat money are not themselves is not on the prime minister. You are all a prime minister. You are laughing at the minister necessary to be honest, so change your mind, not the Prime Minister ,,,,,,, Voice of Karachi

  • I hope they regain internet connection because we’re overseas and my husband can’t see me or our children. I hope everyone at home is ok. Best of luck Pakistan, sending our love from the USA.

    • Im also like you this situation scared because i don’t have any news I’m living in France and he is in Pakistan InchAllah they are good

      • My sister in law says that the Internet will come back in a few days, InshaAllah. We just have to be patient. I’ve always relied on Whatsapp to keep in touch with my husband and his family. I miss him dearly

  • Ase halat hue to Aane wale 50 Saal bad Pakistan khatam ho jaega Pakistan ka Naam tak nhi rah sakega 💔 Khuda garak kare hamare Pakistan ko Jo khaty ja rahy Hy 😔

  • Ap log to aese Imran Khan k khilaaf bakwas kar rahay ho jaise Imran Khan ap k ghar se arrest hua ho

    • To networks banking apps finance share market’s ke servers kion off kion kie he hume kia farq parhe ga koi giraftar ho jaye ya mar jaye ya zinda rahe loss ho rha he logon ka nhin dikh rha ap ko

  • I am from Saudi Arabia but my birth place is Pakistan after 17 years i came back to Pakistan and spent like 1 year in Pakistan and literally i wanna leave the Pakistan as soon as possible

  • ملک کے چھوٹے مسئلہ کی وجہ سے بڑا مسئلہ پیش آ 😰😰گیا بچی ناراض ہو گئی

  • ملک کے چھوٹے مسئلے کی وجہ سے بڑا مشکل پیش آیا بچی ناراض ہو گئی

  • please someone know when they will reset the connexion?? I have to speak with my husband I don’t have any news of him since yesterday !

    • You can phone his mobile. I have tried this and it works. Not through any application – just the phone.

  • If the current PK government believe they are doing the right thing, then let the people of Pakistan have their internet – If they are really acting properly, justly and honestly then the people will see. Forcing people off the internet, taking away their rights, and the services they paid for, is disrespect for the people they are trying to govern. They are ruling with fear, which shows the rest of the world how backward, uneducated and archaic they are. IK and party has seen the world and a better way to bring PK up to world standards. The current government simply do not want to lose the money they are illegally taking from their own people. Eventually democracy will happen, eventually the rest of the world will step in and they will be trialled and jailed. PK people will have their freedom and IK will be a hero and a legend – the current government have created this legend. Bravo.

  • is se better hai israil ko accept kar lo. hona to kuch hai nai tumse

  • Shambolic!
    The decision to shut down internet services in Pakistan due to political unrest is a shambolic action that violates the basic rights of citizens. Not only does it disrupt daily life and business operations, but it also sets a dangerous precedent for government censorship and control over the flow of information.

    This move is a blatant disregard for the freedom of expression and communication, which are essential components of any democratic society. It is high time for governments to realize that internet shutdowns only serve to worsen the situation and cause more harm than good.

    In today’s world, the internet is a vital tool for communication, commerce, education, and more. Any attempt to shut it down or restrict access is a violation of human rights and should be condemned in the strongest terms. The government of Pakistan must rethink this decision and find better ways to address the issues at hand without resorting to such draconian measures.

  • Internet service on hogi b ya Nai?
    Pehle Kya km tension de rakhi hain show baz K bchy ne ab Ye new syapa service e Ghaib krdi
    Had e ho gai a bai

  • Dear pro Pakistani g
    Agr ap thank you K ilawa Bta dein K kb on hogi service to apki boht Mehrbani hogi

  • The news as of yesterday was that we will get the internet data access by either today or Monday
    – info was given by PTA

  • Imran release on bail but I think internet 4G network arrested.
    Jis ne Jo krna hota he wo ker rha he network band kro ya na kro

  • Pakistan is Pakistan. Full of crimes, shortage of every natural and man-made resource an under-developed country

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