PIA Clears Employees’ Salaries After Securing Rs. 17 Billion Bank Loan

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has paid the salaries of employees after securing a bank loan of Rs. 17 billion.

According to a report in Dawn, the administrative matters of the national flag carrier are also running smoothly after it managed to secure a bank loan.

Quoting PIA’s spokesperson, the report said that after securing the loan, the airline was able to pay salaries of employees and the flight operations are now running smoothly.

With the funds in place, the airline will also make payments to fuel companies and spare parts will be purchased for the repair and maintenance of the aircraft.

The report further highlighted that apart from the payment of salaries to employees, the payments of leased aircraft have also resumed.

PIA’s liabilities have hit Rs. 743 billion or $2.5 billion, which exceeds its total assets by five times, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

  • This loan will be repaid by the people of Pakistan in future. Government is crazy as they are still getting more loans. This airline is running on tax payer money. Kindly shutdown this white elephant. Enough should be enough.

  • PIA is the pride of Pakistan. We are ready to eat grass but we are ready to finance all the needs of PIA. So even if they need 100 Billion Rupees right now then give them the money.

    • I am ready to sell the house, jewellery and cars of my neighbors to save PIA.
      Pakistan Zindabad
      PIA Zindabad

  • More than PIA, most ministries in Pakistan are experiencing catastrophic losses. The rise in oil prices is by far the biggest issue with PIA, which Pakistani media rarely mentions. In contrast to PIA, the Gulf countries have abundant oil reserves, which is why their airlines are among the best in the world. Keep in mind that many private companies, such as Bhoja and Shaheen, have already discontinued their services in Pakistan. Airblue has since curtailed its services in the meanwhile. Only Serene and PIA are available.

  • I m a Travel agent, PIA needs flight opperation date and time punctual, recently many. PIA flights dates and time changes passaneger and travels agents loss and suffering Hotels booking .

  • If PIA is shut down, our public will be forced to use only private airlines, and the cost of a ticket will rise to a point where the average person can no longer afford it. Another factor in PIA’s demise was government pressure, which led to the airline operating on unprofitable routes and in hazardous regions like Skardo, Chitral, Gilgit, and others where no other aircraft operate. Selling the PIA entails selling the welfare of our country’s public resources. Shame on these individuals who intend to sell it

  • recently I tried to book flight from Islamabad to Toronto. Cost was over 8 lakh for PIA . cost from qatar airways was 6lakh. qatar airways is the best airline in the world and still cheaper. so where is pia revenue going??

    • does Qatar take you direct from Islamabad to Toronto? NO. So there’s your answer. Price of direct flight will always be higher than indirect.

  • پالو ان حرام خور پی آئی اے کے ملازمین کو غریب عوام کے ٹیکس کے پیسے سے اور ما را دو مہنگائی سے عوام کو

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